Abigail Beldon
Known aliases: Mother and grandmother and mother in law
Known relatives:
Daniel Beldon (Husband)
Veronica Beldon (Daughter)
Kirk Beldon (Son;Deceased)
Stan Langdon-Beldon (Grandson)
Daniel Langdon-Beldon (Grandson)
Two Unborn babies (grandchildren)
Mark Langdon (son-in-law)
Jace Beldon (Son)
Year of birth: 22 May 1969
Year of death: Unknown
Age: 45
Movie: The Unborn 2
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Shawnee Smith
Abigail Beldon is a character in The Unborn 2.




She has blonde hair, light skin and blue eyes.


  • Jace, keep your voice down your sister is trying to sleep! and she's pregnant again with twins but don't disturb her!
  • Veronica, Everything happened in my family! my brother in law Gordon lost his wife, child and casey but your cousin was upset.
  • Veronica, are you okay baby (holding her daughter because she crying) is Mark okay?
  • Mark, are you okay (holding mark and her daughter as well) I know what happening?
  • Daniel! Your daughter and your son in law are very upset! (shouting at her husband) So what I'm not gonna let our daughter die of child birth like your brother wife.
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