Abby Alyson Campbell is main character in Campbell. She is the daughter of Jackson and Megan Campbell. Her father was killed in action during an investigation of a hacking inside the FBI database. She attends high school with her younger brother Jacob who she loves very much. Abby is portrayed by Danneel Harris.


Early Life

Born to Jackson and Megan Campbell, Abby is a smart teenager who gets good grades and test scores. She is known for being captain of her high school's cheerleading squad and a nice girl who has no problems with people unless they pick on her kid brother. Abby has always been aware that Jacob loved her no matter how mad she made him. Being the smartest one in her family she is a math genius and can pass her math tests but somehow only managed to fail one which caught her off guard. Abby is always cheerful and likes to brighten up someone's day with a smile or by talk to the person next to her which is sometimes her baby brother. There were often times when Abby would express her fear of insects, spiders, snakes and sharks. She is interested in video games much like her younger brother and would often play with him while her mom watched her. Abby deeply misses her dad and often visits his grave. Abby claims Jacob is her whole world and would not be complete without him.

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