Abby is a 2011 horror film about demonic possession. It is a loose remake of the 1974 blaxploitation classic.


Abby Walker is a normal girl who lives on the outskirts of a rural American midwestern town. However, she suffers from nightmares, seizures, and rambles about the coming of someone named Damocles. During her period, her blood turns black. One night, her parents have a dinner party and invite her father's new boss and his wife, the McAllisters. Abby comes into the room and is silent for a while, then goes upstairs and changes into a nightdress. When she returns, she is again quiet before suddenly sticking her hands into her panties and begins to masturbate furiously in front of the guests.

Abby's mother Denise reads up online and begins to suspect demonic possession. Her father, Michael, tries to wrote off the episode as Abby acting up, but Denise is not convinced. Abby is taken to a psychiatrist to be examined. She appears well and the psychiatrist is unable to diagnose a problem. Suddenly, Abby vomits into his lap.

Denise reads more on possession and starts to believe in it more and more. She decides to bring in a priest to excorcise Abby behind Michael's back. One weekend, Michael leaves town on a business trip. Denise takes advantage of the opportunity and brings in Father Dylan Pine to take on the spirit. Pine requests that Denise find someone to stay with over the weekend as to prevent the demon from entering her once it has left Abby. Denise goes to her sister, who lives in the next neighbourhood, leaving Father Pine alone in the house with Abby.

Pine speaks to Abby, who appears normal at first, before she is suddenly taken over by a demonic voice, which warns Pine to leave the girl alone. Pine refuses, telling the demon that he made a promise to the girls' mother. the voice promises Pine that he will regret it and then returns Abby to her regular self.

Pine ties Abby to the bed and goes about preparing the room for the excorcism, but the demon uses it's otherwordly powers to lure Pine to the bedside, where Abby seduces him. Although reluctant, Pine has sex with Abby, but her voice begins to change into the demons and her face suddenly becomes like that of a rotten corpse, scaring Pine off of her. She then returns to normal.

As he sits on the top step outside the bed room door reading the Bible, Pine hears Abby begging him to return to her. Yet again against his better judgement, Pine returns and complies with Abby's pleas for him to masturbate her. As she reaches orgasm, she lets out a demonic scream and her vagina starts to bleed. Pine rushes downstairs to wash the blood from his hands.

Pine returns to find Abby asleep. As he sits by her side praying, scorch marks begin to burn themselves into Abby's wrists. She wakes up screaming and Pine tries to help her, when suddenly a cross mark is burned into his own wrists. The bed begins to shake violently in the commotion before calming. Abby's eyes suddenly snap wide open and she wets herself.

Pine begins to clean Abby up and the demon once more tries to convince him to sleep with them. Pine resists but is suddenly flung onto the bed and Abby climbs on top of him, forcing herself onto him. As he wrestles with her, he grabs her by the neck and throws her aside and runs from the room.

Meanwhile, Michael returns home and finds Denise at her sisters, where she confesses that she is having Abby excorcised. Enraged, Michael runs around to the house. Denise breaks down and is unable to follow. Michael arrives and storms in the front door. Pien tries to calm him down, enticing Michael to punch and knock him out. Michael goes into Abby's room and finds her battered. As he approaches her, the demon woos him and Abby seduces him. After she is done having sex with her own father, she kills him.

Pine, on the edge of insanity, decides the only way to purge the demon is to kill Abby. Denise arrives and he announces his conclusion to her, and then locks her under the stairs as he takes a religious dagger and goes to Abby's room. Denise manages to escape and retrieve a fire poker while Abby fights with Pine. The demon reveals themselves as Damocles and mocks Pine, telling him that he will take him and then murder the girl. Just then, Denise rushes in and beats Pine down with the poker, causing him to stumble and fall out of the window to his death. Abby breaks down and weeps in her mother's arms, glad that it is all over.

Sometime later, Denise and Abby are visited by a family friend. As he stands chatting in the kitchen with Denise, Abby is shown going about the house, minding her own business, and then approaches the kitchen. Suddenly, Denise's friend stops and freezes in horror. Denise turns around to see what he is looking at and is equally shocked. Standing in the doorway is Abby, a blank expression on her face as she calmly wets her panties.


The film was highly controversial upon release, many noting the explicit and disturbing nature of the film. While IGN considered it to be a modren clone of The Excorcist, they did deem it 'a damn good one.' The film was relatively well received and has been released in both the theatrical and uncut forms on DVD.

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