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Opening Credits

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A Whaite in Time

Closing Credits

A Whaite in Time

Directed by
Mic Graves

Produced by
Simon Hall
Brian Cosgrove

Screenplay by
Francis Fitzpatrick

Music Score by
Robert J. Kral
Ben Locket

Based on The Amazing World of Gumball by
Ben Bocquelet

Edited by
Nick Wilson

Screenplay by
Andrew Brenner
Jon Foster
Mic Graves
James Lamont

Story by
Celine Gobinet
Aurelie Charbonnier
Oliver Hamilton

Director of Photography
Camera: Pablo Plaisted
Lighting: Lou Dockstader

Neel Sethi

Rohan Chand

Kyla Rae Kowalewski

Teresa Gallagher

Dan Russell

Alexander Armstrong

Jimmy Hibbert

Danny Trejo

A Film by
Mic Graves

CHF Entertainment

In association with
Okay Productions


Scrolling Credits


Gumball Watterson Neel Sethi
Darwin Watterson Rohan Chand
Anais Watterson Kyla Rae Kowalewski
Richard Watterson Dan Russell
Nicole Watterson
Penny Fitzgerald
Mrs. Robinson
Jackie Wilson
Polly Fitzgerald
Ms. Markham
Teresa Gallagher
Zach Watterson Alexander Armstrong
Dr. Wrecker
Larry Needlemeyer
Jimmy Hibbert
Daniel Lennard Danny Trejo
Alan Keane
Sal Left Thumb
Harold Wilson
Kerry Shale
Daisy the Donkey Patricia Arquette
Sally the Snake Christina Hendricks
Frankie Watterson Tony Hale
Louie Watterson Keanu Reeves
Colin Keegan-Michael Key
Felix Jordan Peele
Nigel Brown Steve Furst
Steve Small Adam Long
Lucy Simian Hugo Harold-Harrison
Rocky Robinson Simon Lipkin
Granny Jojo Angela Lansbury

Additional Voices

Rupert Degas Lewis MacLeod
Colin McFarlane Emma Tate
Joanna Ruiz Lizzie Waterworth
Sophie Aldred Sandra Dickinson
Kate Harbour David Holt
Togo Igawa Jessica McDonald
Rob Rackstraw Janet James

Storyboard Supervisor

Chuck Klein

Storyboard Artists

Amandine Pecharman
Jacques Gauthier
Florent Poulain
Darren Vadenburg
Miklos Weigert
Nikolay Moustakov
Gail Walton
Louis Delataille

Story Consultant

Kent Osbourne

Story Manager

Michael Gendi

Voice Casting

Karie Gima Pham

Line Producers

Jen Coatsworth
Chris Bowden

Production Managers

Gavin McCue
Caroline Merlet

Production Co-ordinator

Karen Harper

Production Accountants

Richard Bennett
Sarah Alabaster


Lou Dockstader
Tommy Panays


Sophie Kelly
Tiffany Maberley
Ian McCue
Annelyse Vielledent

Lead Designer

Amandine Pecharman


Grant Orchard
Steve Small
Virgine Kypriotis


Grant Orchard
Jakob Schuh
Heiko Schneck
Matthirs Breurle

Picture Editor & Voice Director

Richard Overall

Animation Supervisor

Joris van Hulzen

Assistant Editor

Anthony Hull

Voice Recordist & Sound Post Production

James O'Brien
Fitzrovia Post

British Voice Recordist

Gregg Hall

Additional Music

Neil Myers
Willie Dowling

Lighting & Render

Borja Chicharro

3D Lighting Artist

Robert Fletcher

Head of 3D Animation

Paul O'Flanagan

3D Animators

Simon Kelleghan
Peter Slattery
Mick Plummer
Patrick Gamble

Studio SOI


Carsten Bunte
Sebastian Knebel

Background Artists

Egbert Reichel
Kathrin Mueller

Blocking & Character Build

Cordula Langhans
Julia Dstermann
Waldemar Fast
Torben Meier
Klaus Morscheuser
Angela Jedek
Michael Sieber
Sabrina Schmid


Mark Feller
Parzival Rothlein
Katharina Frank


Christian Hoehn Felix Schaller
Andreas Hummel

3D Animation & Props Supervisor

Yvon Jardel

2D Props & Special Effects

Manuel Javelle

Character & Props Design

Dave Whyte


Ben Mounsey Dave Whittle

2D Animation Dandelion

Lionel Marchand
Richard Wake
Matt Layzell
Francois Maumont
Giovanni Braggio


Antoinette Marie Sabatier

Background Supervisor

Antoine Perez

Background Artists

Antoine Birot
Bruno Mayor
Geoffrey Skrajewski
Cedric Menard
Carlos Nieto Lopez
German Casado Fraga
Paco Rocha Atrio

Animation Director

Prashant Patel

Lead Animators

Adam Oliver
Elena Veronelli
Ed Willmore
Clinton J. Priest


Billy Allison Shaun Askew
Philip Askins Ali Assaf
Filippo Cigognini Aurora Febo
Alan Highfield Gaia Satya Matteucci
Alan Moult Anne Marie Walsh
Juz Westall

Technical Directors

Mathias Schreck
Heiko Shneck

Assistant Director

Max Lang

Art Director

Antoine Perez


Lead Compositors Edward Smith
Elliot Kajdan
Digital Compositors Peter Kidd
Howard E. Baker
Scanner Operators Graham Walters
Nathan Warner
Graham Sharples
Frank Hardie

Digital and 3D and CGI Services

CHF Entertainment - Digital Compositor Operators: David Booth
Roger Collins
Sound Services: 424
Effects Artists: David Batte
Chris King
Production Office Manager: Paul Baker


Layout Artists: Doug Walker
Rob Walker
Joseph Jones
Robert Anderson
Ryan Heuett
Dana Frankoff
Animation Supervisor: Graeme MacDonald
Creative Director: James Benny
Character Supervisor: Sean Moore
Creative Director: James Benny
Layout Supervisor: Ron Graham
Character Supervisor: Sean Moore

Production Staff

Director of Production: David J. Crobbett
Executive in Charge of Production: Jim Organisation
Post Production Supervisor: Mike Stern
Post Production Manager: Bob Strew
Dialogue Editor: Patrick Barrett
Assistant Editor: Roy Hill
Animation Editor: Nigel Rutter
Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Brad Thornton
Foley Artist: Kevin Bond
Sound Editor: Sid Lieberman
Sound Supervisor: Scott McCrorice
Finance Manager: Isabelle Andres
Technical Director: Jerome Fromeaux
Production Accountant: Ludovic Eyrolle

Post Sound Facility

Richard Segal Sound Design, Inc.

Voice Recording

POP Sound
Studio 360
Howard Schwartz Recording


Orchestration: Michael Young
Conducted by Robert J. Kral
Music Editor: Emery Kennethson
Executive Music Producer: Chris Mountain
Mixer Supervisor: Thomas Claster
Music Created by Robert Crissman

Special Effects

Roy Huckerby

Color Timers

Terry Claborn
Jim Passon

Negative Cutting by

Michael Shires Studios Negative Cutting

Production Staff for CHF Entertainment

Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick 2011- Logo.jpg

Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick

John Warburton Robert Claster Robert Wilson Keith Tucker
Ken Armstrong Sarah W. Armstrong Martin Ansolabehere Cliff Reeves
David Smith Robert Taylor Paul Rubbish Sarah Rogers

CHF Entertainment Sudio Team

Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick 2011- Logo.jpg

Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick

Visual Development

Virgil Geopper Eric Dodgers
George Get Carols Alfonso
James Rogers Dan Whitworth
Jack Deakin Jean Flynn
James Thomas Andy Roper
Eric Johnson Ryan Budweiser

Special Effects Animation

Toon Boom Animation
Yowza Animation

Production Services

Studio 8 Sound
Michael Shires Studios
Pentagon Studios


Tom Carlisle Craig Payne
Cherise Miller Brian Torres
John Bennett Keith Johnson
Kent Barnes Michael Hitson
Paul Gillis Peter Schreiber

Special Thanks

Mary Beech Simon Bax Lois Scali

Score Mixed at

Trevor Morris Studios

Main Title by

PIC Agency

End Title by

The Picture Mill
Fugitive Studios

Music Recorded and Mixed at

Sony Pictures Scoring Stage
Newman Scoring Stage-Twentieth Century Fox Studios
The Village
Paramount Pictures Scoring Stage M


"Are You Listening?"
Written by Keith Hopwood
Produced by Phil Bush
Performed by Dan Russell

With Thanks to

City and Country of San Fransico
Abraham Lincoln High School
The City of Vallejo

Animation Produced by

Studio Aka

Animation Production by

Boulder Media

Assistant Animation by

Studio 4°C

Prints by


Color by



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American Humane Association monitored the animal action.
No animals and/or talking objects were harmed in the making of this film.

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Original Soundtrack Available on

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