A Web of Sorrow is the second album for Irish doom/death-doom band Nuadhán, released in 1995 via Candlebra Records. It is the last to feature Páegh O'Cáoeth on drums, who left in 1997. The album features guest panpipes from Dierách O'Kiernán on tracks 2 and 4, as well as a more developed violin inclusion. It is preceded by 1993's The Well of Despair and followed by 1998's State of Decay.

Track listing

  1. "Turned To Ash" - 2:00
  2. "Gloom" - 6:00
  3. "Hopelessness" - 7:45
  4. "Ocean Take Me" - 9:00
  5. "She Is Forever" - 5:44
  6. "A Web of Sorrow" - 7:00
  7. "Sombre Symphony" - 5:44
  8. "My Tears Run Deep" - 10:00


Like its predecessor, The Well of Despair, "A Web of Sorrow" was generally well received. Metalix continued its praise of the band:

"In their two year absence Nuadhán have been working on their follow-up to 1993's The Well of Despair. A Web of Sorrow shows a more evolved sound, but never compromises Nuadhán's unique Celt doom. The inclusion of panpipes on two of the songs is never felt as too much, and both Brian and Gábriel's vocals are excellent as usual, as is the entire band. Stand out tracks include opener Turned To Ash, which most likely references to the grim cover art, and My Tears Run Deep, which Gábriel's vocals echo around Brian's guttural growls. Another potent and top release from Nuadhán, Irish doom masters".


  • Peter Sheárnden - producer
  • Conácht O'Ráegh - mixer
  • Julia O'Coughney - artwork
  • Brian O'Coughney - vocals
  • Gábriel Dáeh - guitars, vocals
  • Peredur y Gwedynn - bass
  • Páegh O'Cáoeth - drums
  • Abigáil Gáth - violin, keyboards
  • Dierách O'Kiernán - guest panpipes on tracks 1 and 4
Nuadhán-A Web of Sorrow

Naudhán's second album, 1995's "A Web of Sorrow".

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