A Thanksgiving is a 2013 Romantic Comedy film written by Katherine Fugate and directed by Garry Marshall starring Kevin Costner, Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, John C. Reilly, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Elena Satine, Paul Walker, Thomas Haden Church, Julianne Moore, Selena Gomez, Demi Moore, Emma Stone, Samuel L. Jackson, Steve Buscemi, Jonah Hill, Kevin James, Seann William Scott, Lisa Kudrow, Natalie Portman, Logan Lerman, Scarlett Johansson, Collins Pennie and Eva Mendes and featuring Gena Rowlands and Harrison Ford.

The film is much like Marshall's previous films Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve pertain to interlinking love stories beset against a holiday.

The film is slated for a theatrical release on 4th, November Thanksgiving Day 2013.


The tales of interlinking stories of love and heartache on Thanksgiving.

One story being Abraham Moriallis (Kevin Costner) whose wife Anna (Demi Moore) is wanting a divorce and Abraham vies to win her heart.

Another story being Lawyor Rob Cordry (Jason Bateman) who comes into a relationship with widowed Deli Owner Jennifer Saunding (Natalie Portman).

Then there's the story of Jennifer's Deli co-worker Lynch Brunton (Ryan Reynolds) who comes to fall for older woman Helena Golart (Julianne Moore) an unhappy wife married to cheating millionaire Nolan Golart (Peter Gallagher).

Teenage love surmounts between 19 year old Trish Sommers (Selena Gomez) and her long-time crush Dustan Blackwood (Logan Lerman) and between Trish's hopeless romantic brother Harris (Jonah Hill) and Trish's bestfriend Regina Blakely (Emma Stone).

We then come to Regina's sister Cynthia (Sarah Michelle Gellar) falling for Holiday operating gigolo Lance Everdeen (Paul Walker).

Then we see Trish, Harris, Dustan and Regina's troubled Maths Teacher Kasper Young (Seann William Scott) who hasn't had a successful relationship in five years and is desperate to bring a girl home for Thanksgiving for his adoptive parents, he finds love in English Teacher Laura Pewter (Lisa Kudrow).

Then we come onto Dustan's older overweight brother Toni (Kevin James) who wants to win the heart of accountant Tina Bruhlon (Scarlett Johansson)

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