A Slug's Life is a 1997 Stop-Motion Animated Film

Voice Cast

  • Chris Rock as Flip, A Blue Slug.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt as Etta, A Purple Slug who is the Future Queen of Slugs. Flip’s Girlfriend.
  • Tara Strong as Kate, A Pink Slug who is Etta's Sister and Flip's Only Friend before meeting the Circus Slugs.
  • James Ravensberger as Ringmaster Splodge, A big red Slug who is the ringmaster of the Circus Slugs.
  • Patrick Stewart as Humphrey, a Green circus slug who speaks in a British accent and is said to be a gentleman hero.
  • Martin Short as Demi, A yellow slug who performs at The Circus with Humphrey. He often performs his act wearing a butterfly costume being toyed to a rope.
  • Julia Roberts as Diamond, An Aquamarine Slug And The Only Female member of the Circus Slugs.
  • Angela Lansbury as Queen Roberta, The Queen of the slugs. She is Pink just like Kate but is larger then her and all of the other slugs.
  • Brian Blessed as Monster, An evil Grasshopper who is The Main Antagonist.
  • Brendan O'Brien as Holt, Monster’s underappreciated Assistant who wants to leave his greedy boss and have a real life. He also is in love with Kate.
  • Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry as Arrow and Coco, The Two Birds That are Owned by Monster and Holt that eat other bugs for a job, but they don’t like it because they find all bugs except for worms disgusting.
  • Tress MacNeille as Dr. Anna, a Doctor Slug who works close by to where the circus tent is located.
  • Edie McClurg as Fran, An Orange Slug who is a Huge Fan of Going to The Circus.
  • Mel Winkler as Pickle, A green slug who is Fran’s husband and has to go to the circus every year because of his wife’s childish fangirling over a circus.
  • Jess Harnell as Cardy, a Stick Bug who acts as the strong operator for Demi’s circus act.

Additional Voices

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