A Psycho is a 2020 American Psychological Slasher Horror film written and directed by Damien Chazelle. It is the seventh overall instalment in the Psycho film franchise that began with Alfred Hitchcock's seminal 1960 psychological horror film classic Psycho. A Psycho serves as a prequel to Hitchcock's original film and while containing easter eggs and homages to the entire franchise's overall material; including the popular A & E series Bates Motel it is only connected in plot to the 1960 film.

Produced by Jason Blum and distributed by his company Blumhouse Pictures, the film stars Emmy Raver-Lapman, Ken Baumann, Olivia Colman, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.


Norman discovers his mother in a cold detached stage in their Phoenix, Arizona home after he uncovers his father's corpse in the living room, dead of head trauma, as his cracked skull is bleeding over the carpet.

From there after authorities arrive Norman's father's death is ruled an accident and he and his mother Norma relocate after to Fairvale, California after Norma notices a for auction highway motel on the border between Fairvale and Hitchcock, which she purchases along with the large gothic mansion on the property.

Norma becomes very domineering over Norman, while Norman believes that Norma murdered his father in self-defence as he was verbally and physically abusive.

Norman begins school at the local Fairvale High School by the end of 1950, though struggles to connect with any students and has a bullying incident with a classmate who is the boyfriend of a girl who serves as his orientation day guide. After this Norma cracks down on her control and abuse over him, homeschooling.

A bus stop on the side of the highway brings Norman into contact with a student Vera Mills whom he mostly watches from afar. Vera and boyfriend Harry's deaths come as a result of Norman breaking when learning over the next four years that Norma's home repairman partner Victor is moving in with them, and she has become dismissive of him. Upon seeing Vera with Harry for the first time at the highway stop that night he breaks and imitating his mother kills them with a rock.

The same night at dinner he surprises Norma and Victor by having prepared it for them while they were busy having sexual intercourse, having poisoned both their soup dishes. Their deaths are ruled a murder suicide on Norma's part, as Norman also testifies that his mentally unwell mother also murdered Samuel Bates. Vera and Harry are reported missing, and never found as Norman storing them in the motel, eventually under the persona of 'mother' dispatches them in a nearby swamp.

After this the film breaks from color to black and white as a result of Norman's now fully fractured psyche. Norman reclaims his mother's buried corpse from the Fairvale cemetery and keeps it about the house in living positions, under her instruction.

The guests decrease in capacity over the years as the highway is being re-routed and the first guests in a while: secret couple Lily Torres and Andrea Walker check into the Bates Motel, where Norman, dressed as Norma stabs them to death with a kitchen knife. The next guest a tall disgruntled art model Mary-Anne is axed to death in Room 1. A prostitute runaway Anica checks in early 1960, who is en route to Los Angeles to reconvene with her estranged brother Henry. Norman/Norma attacks her with a kitchen knife, and pursues her to the house where she makes a discovery that results in her being stabbed in the heart.

Fairvale discriminated Detective Nadine is contacted by Henry to investigate into Anica's disappearance, both coming to the Bates Motel. At the house after entering at night a Norma dressed Norman appears and pushes Henry down the fruit cellar stairs resulting in his death. Nadine is spared after surprising Norman with a blow to the head and making the discovery of Norma, as Norman she makes the decision to leave and not mention what has happened, as being her no one will ever believe her.


  • Ken Baumann as Norman Bates
  • Emmy Raver-Lapman as Officer Nadine Simmons
  • Olivia Colman as Norma Bates
  • David Harbour as Officer Park Lincoln
  • Paul Greene as Victor W. Hagen
  • Ryan Gosling as Henry Davidson
  • Emma Stone as Anica Davidson
  • Ralph Ineson as Samuel Bates
  • Stephanie Nogueras as Vera Mills
  • Drew Ray Tanner as Harry Willis
  • Gwendoline Christie as Mary-Anne Bryor
  • Aimee Garcia as Lily Torres
  • Michelle Borth as Andrea Walker
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