A Prince of Morbid Dark is the second album from Vampir Gospel; the side-project of Mandragoria frontman Lord Mandragoria released on August 30, 2010 in Europe and on September 4, 2010. It features session guitarist Abyssus of Nocturna fame, guest vocals from Count Doomicus formerly of the iconic Norwegian epic doom metal band In The Age of Dead Kings and currently in Doomlord; who has lent his voice to several Mandragoria albums as the character of the Great Vampire; a role which he reprises here. The album follows 2008's The Hallowed Halls. It notably did reasonably well compared to its predecessor.


A Prince of Morbid Darkness was notably more well received than it's predecessor; averaging on 8-9/10. Metalix said: "While The Hallowed Halls was a so-so affair; Lord Mandragoria's solo project Vampir Gospel has largely come into its own here with their second offering. Whether it's the masterful guitarwork of Nocturna's Abyssus or the return of Count Doomicus as the Great Vampire from the Mandragoria albums, this is so much better than its predecessor. And finally Lord M is writing cohesive and appropriate stuff.

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