Sometimes I sit down,

And kind of frown,

As I'm in love,

My love has evolved

For this one friend

And I tend

To only think of him

Though the reality is grim:

He doesn't love me back

And that is a fact

He is more aligned than a literal line

A crooked one is my line

I cannot tell him what I feel

The reject he'll inflict on me will never heal

He makes me smile

All the while

I feel loved

I feel above

So above, that I could reach the heavens

And feel like in there I am living

But there's days...
Days where I feel like...
like I am away
Away from the I've thrived

I...I need his smiling and happy energy

It feels like without it, it feels like a century

A century of sadness and misery

A century without happiness and liberty

If I lived that time, I would be dead

If I almost died, I would have dread

Not spending time with you

You handsome man, what would I do

Without you and your jokes?

Your laughs and your pokes?

I wish I could be your man

But I really can't

Not ever
.... not forever
God, why does life do this?
Why does life have to...miss?

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