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A Pippi & Equestria Girls Christmas! is an American animated television special produced by Hasbro Studios, Sony Pictures Animation, Nelvana and RCA/Columbia Pictures. It is released on December 24, 2025 by Discovery Family and the first special episode of Pippi & Equestria Girls. Esteban Felix and Tom Hanks, who tells the story.


In Summer 2020, a white feather lands at a bus stop in Los Angeles, California. A man named Esteban Felix picks it up as he recounts this story to strangers who sit next to him on a bench.

in the Animation scene, In the Canterlot city the preparations were in full swing. Standing in the city entrance, Twilight invented. It was the following morning, in the first floor sitting room everyone was assembled waiting to start decorating the entire city. In charge of everything was Twilight, standing next to Spike and Rainbow Dash, she explained her plans.

When the children awoke on the 22nd of December they found a snow covered world, as a good two foot of snow had fallen that night. Jumping out of bed they all washed and dressed in record time. In her room children joined them. The humans then slid down the banister, glad that no adults were up to tell them the dining room they saw that only Big Mac, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Applejack were there.

The sounds of laughter filled the front garden/main entrance of the Canterlot city as parents and children enjoyed another snowy day. On one side of the garden Applejack and Applebloom made a snow apple, with Sweetie Belle and Rarity a few feet away building a snow locomotive and Annika, Tommy and Pippi making a snowman butler. Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash, Diamond Tiara and Sliver Spoon chased each other through the snow, pouncing on each other to the amusement of the others. Near the pond on the left side of the garden, Babs Seed was building a snowman while Big Mac and Granny Smith watched, with Granny Smith gurgling as she felt the snow on her hand.

Everyone awoke on Christmas Eve to find another four foot of snow had fallen in the night, with the weather forecast bringing reports of further snow to come. The excitement was high, with the children full of energy, hardly able to sit still.

Diamond Tiara, Annika, and Tommy ran along the third floor corridor, both humans held wooden swords, with cloaks billowing behind them. In front of them ran Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, the humans wearing black cloaks, holding wooden swords and staffs. The children were on a heroic adventure, with the latter three playing the villains. Running down the stairs they reached the ground floor, with the heroes and villains clashing outside the entrance to the cellar. The cellar was located 10 meters under the entire city, and was full of a variety of things, with the odd rat running around. It would be fair to say there was more than one, as it was dived by several walls, with a very large one under the kitchens.

As the children neared the cellar door it became apparent the villains were losing, then suddenly out of the cellar, sprang a black shape. The heroes shrieked with shock as the saw Mash Buttons standing in front of him, his fur dyed jet black, his mane silver and his eyes glowing green. With a roar he advanced, swiping Tommy with his paw as Annika and Diamond Tiara tried to fend him off with their swords. With a snarl Mash Buttons bared his teeth at them, hitting Annika's shield as Scootaloo pounced on Tommy. Seeing Diamond Tiara was distracted by the animal's fight, Applebloom attacked, striking his arms with her sword. Diamond Tiara let out as yell, immediately trying to hit Applebloom, only to have it blocked by her staff. Unknown to the children, Granny Smith, Big Mac and Babs Seed were watching the fight from the first floor, all highly amused by the sight.

Christmas Day was finally here, everyone awoke to find their stockings full and another three foot of snow outside. Getting up they pulled on nightwear, dressing gowns and slippers, and then heading down to the main sitting room.

Elsewhere in the room people were opening their presents, with lots of happy smiles and laughter. From the five fairies everyone was given a wish, one from each fairy, to be used on almost anything. As the clock struck half past nine, the servants came in with breakfast, tea or coffee with croissants all around. As they ate people took photos of different groups, with everyone admiring each other's presents.

As the last of the presents were opened and the wrapping paper cleared away, people began to head upstairs to get washed and dressed. As it was Christmas Day, everyone dressed in red, green or white, with several people wearing all three colors. Sat in the sitting room a short time later, Mash Buttons and Sweetie Belle played with the latter's toy fort, placing some of the soldiers on the walls, while their knights fought of two dragons, a griffin and two evil wizards. Both boys wore plastic knight helmets, with their wooden swords next to them.

After the Snowman ended, some people went off to different rooms, with the majority staying to play charades. The categories were film, music, TV, historical figures and literature. The clothes that had been found in the Attic had been washed, with other props having been located and brought down from the Attic. Everyone had a go, some attempts were brilliant while others were terrible. Celestia's andattempts at Pound Cake's attempt at Derpy Hooves brought laughs from everyone. When Pinkie Pie did an impression of Britney Spears everyone guest within seconds, similarly with Max's impression of James Bond. Flash Sentrys impression of proved harder, with everyone struggling with Sweetie Belle's Agatha Christy and Annika's Cardcaptor Sakura was near impossible. As they played Scootaloo filmed the game, and Rainbow Dash filmed her when she, Pinkie Pie and Cherry took their turn and acted out Charlie's Sunset Shimmers. The clothes and props were used by everyone and helped people to guess.

As evening approached everyone started to get ready for the Christmas ball, with a dress code of white, blue, silver and black allowed. In honor of the occasion the animals wore collars or ribbons. The majority of the men were in their dress uniforms, the exception being Sugarcoat and Rainbow Dash, the former in a white toga, the latter in silver armor. For the women it was ball gowns, with all dripping in expansive jewelry.

Walking into the ballroom at exactly seven pm, everyone looked stunning. Celestia was dressed in a jeweled version of her blue ball gown, Luna was in a smart shirt and tails with Twilight in a smart silver dress, Applejack was in a stunning gown of silver and blue, Cheese Sandwich and Pound Cake were matching in white, Mash Buttons looked beautiful with a white ribbon around her neck with a silver snowflake dangling from it, with Celestia looked every handsome in black bowtie, Angel shone in traditional Chinese dress of blue, white and silver, with the rest of the guests looking stunning.

The guests sat down on silver tables and chairs, with a white table cloth draped over the table and silver plates and cutlery on the table, with crystal glasses sat next to them. Over on the stage sat a white piano and band equipment. At their tables the guests chatted as they walked over to the long buffet tables, laid with every type of food and drink imaginable, all chatting as they chose what they wanted.

The couples left the floor and parents and children danced together, Applebloom with Applejack, Babs Seed with Big Mac, Mr. Cake with Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Sweetie Belle, Sliver Spoon with Mash Buttons, Cherry and Twisty, Rainbow Dash danced with Trixie while Sugarcoat danced with Spitfire. The song was slow, A Christmas to Remember by Amy Grant, the perfect song for the dance. From the tables Twilight watched the dangers, glad to see so many happy and smiling faces. As the clock struck midnight the ball ended, with everyone dancing the last dance of the night. In twos and threes people left the ballroom, with several people a little tipsy and unsteady on their feet, some more so then others. At the last chance, Pippi began to sing a little song to make the best Christmas ever.

In the live-action sence, Tom Hanks and Esteban Felix reveals that he is waiting at the bus stop because he received a letter from Jenny, who asked him to visit her. The strangers say that the address on the letter is only a few blocks away, Esteban farewells to Hanks and Esteban Felix immediately takes off. As Esteban Felix is finally reunited with Jenny, she introduces him to their son, named Forrest, Jr. Belen tells Esteban Felix she is sick with an unknown incurable virus and the three move back to Rlaito. Jenny and Esteban Felix finally marry, but she dies a year later. The film ends with Esteban Felix seeing his son off on his first day of school as Esteban Felix lets go of the feather from the beginning and the wind carries it back into the sky.


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  • A Pippi & Equestria Girls Summer Christmas! is similar to animated christmas specials such as Disney's Prep and Landing, Hanna-Barbera's A Flintstone Family Christmas, Warner Bros' Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas and Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
  • This is the first Pippi & Equestria Girls TV special.
  • Santa Claus is voiced by Clancy Brown on the special.
  • The title begining and ending scene is similar to Forrest Gump
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