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A Perfect Life
File:Logo Perfect Life.png
Genre Sitcom
Format Live-action
Developed By Chuck Lorre

Greg Daniels

Directed by Mark Cendrowski

Alec Baldwin

Starring Katie Couric

Bridget Mendler

Grey Damon

Will Arnett

Country of Origin United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 46
Season Final June 30th 2015

A Perfect Life is an Adult TV Sitcom created by Chuck Lorre.

The Film stars Alec Baldwin as (Roy Erikson),Katie Couric as (Michel Lucas),Bridget Mendler as (Jenny Erikson),Grey Damon as (Johny Lucas-Erikson) and Will Arnett as (Uncle Max).



Season 1

Episode 1 - Pilot

The Pilot starts with Roy Erikson watching Football when he gets interrupted by hes wife Michel.

Michel talks about Jenny going to college.But Roy then interupts her and says that she should let jenny be her.

Then the intro plays.

Then it opens with Jenny and Linda preparing for Science

Episode 2 - The Footbal Game

Episode 3 - Enter Arch Nemesis

Episode 4 - Jenny's F

Episode 5 - Family Vacation

Episode 6 - Revenge!

Episode 7 - Max's Birthday

Episode 8 - Sex gone Wrong

Episode 9 - Turkey Hunt

Episode 10 - Happy Halloween

Episode 11 - The Crush

Episode 12 - The Xbox One

Episode 13 - Not so Merry Christmass

Episode 14 - New Year's

Episode 15 - Love Letter

Episode 16 - The Date

Episode 17 - YOLO!

Episode 18 - I Banged your Mom!

Episode 19 - The Lottery Ticket

Episode 20 - Happy 4th of July

Episode 21 - Sommer School

Episode 22 - A Goodbye

Season 2

Episode 1 - Get me a date!

Episode 2 - Who needs Rules?

Episode 3 - The Marathon

Episode 4 - WTF?

Episode 5 - No Power

Episode 6 - The Shopping Spree

Episode 7 - Turkey Hunt II

Episode 8 - The Spookiest Party

Episode 9 - Desperate Wife

Episode 10 - Why are we Married?

Episode 11 -The Gift

Episode 12 - Christmas Haleluya!

Episode 13 - Ghosts

Episode 14 - Secrets and Lies

Episode 15 - The Test

Episode 16 -The Test part 2

Episode 17 - Game Over

Episode 18 - To Vegas!

Episode 19 - Money Trouble

Episode 20 - The Sexy Sister

Episode 21 - Johny gets Dumped

Episode 22 - Hello and Goodbye

Episode 23 - War in the House

Episode 24 - Graduation Day


  • This show didnt get such great reviews after the first season but Chuck Lorre wanted to create the last and final season of A Perfect Life to end it all.


Alec Baldwin - Roy Erikson

The Big man of the house Roy Erikson.

Katie Couric - Michel Lucas

Roy Erikson's hardworking wife Michel Lucas.

Bridget Mendler - Jenny Erikson

Roy Erikson's only child when Roy's wife died.

Grey Damon - Johny Lucas

Michel Lucas' Son and step-brother of Jenny Erikson

Will Arnett - Uncle Max Lucas

Max Lucas is Johny and Jenny's Uncle and also the Brother of Michel.

Skyler Samuels - Linda Brown

Linda Brown is Jenny's best friend.

Jake T. Austin - Zack

The Shy Kid of the bunch but he has a crush on Jenny.

Luke Bylik - Kenny Davis

Kenny is the Popular kid of the highschool.

Ray Romano - Principall Wayne Romano

Wayne Romano is the principall of Chicago Highschool.

James Cromwell - Proffesor Chuck

Proffesor Chuck is the History teacher of Jenny's Class

Terry Crews - The Gym Teacher Garfield Harley

Garfield Harley is the buff and serious Gym teacher.

John Slattery - Roswell Turner

Roswell Turner is Roy Erikson's Rich arch nemesis.

Clancy Brown - Proffesor Kyle Bell

Kyle Bell is the School Science Proffesor