His Back

Freddy Krueger

1 2, Freddy's Coming For You

3 4, Better Lock Your Door 5 6, Grab A Crucifix 7 8, Stay Up Late 9 10, His Back Again

~ Freddy Krueger's song

A Nightmare on Elm Street is the reboot of the original horror-fantasy franchise. These new series star Willem Dafoe, Peyton List, Natalie Portman and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2015)

15 year old Tina Gray is being stalked in her dreams by a creepy figure with distinctive razor-sharp knives attached to his fingers on his right hand as well as wearing a dirty brown hat and red and green striped sweater. The figure slightly scars Tina's cheek, making her scream and wake up. The next day, Tina talks to her best friends Nancy Thompson and Glen Lantz about the figure and Nancy recalls about seeing a similar man in her dreams, describing his features and claws. 

The following night, while Tina's mother is away, Nancy and Glen come over to comfort her with Nancy's boyfriend, Rod Lane, soon joining in. At night, Glen slept in the same bed with Tina, and Rod slept with Nancy. In her dream, Tina was stalked by the same killer, who used intense fear against her such as appearing, taking off his face, slicing off one of his fingers and scraping his razor sharp knives against a wall while walking towards her. Tina attempted to flee but he caught up to her and used his razor hand to stab through her stomach. Glen awakened and saw blood coming from Tina's mouth, so he attempted to awaken her, but Tina levitated in the air while screaming and slowly bled to death, so she dropped to the floor dead. 

The police came to the crime scene and Glen was accused of the murder despite Nancy believing his still innocent. Nancy's father, Police Lieutenant Donald Thompson, promises Nancy to keep a close eye on Glen while his imprisoned. An mentally unstable Glen was in his prison cell, backed up in a corner and repeatedly claiming his innocent until he fell asleep. In his dream, he was shown the corpse of Tina who turned her neck and quietly spoke "Why didn't you stop him?", Glen attempted to escape the room but the door locked itself. The man who killed Tina appeared, an angered Glen became insane at his sight and attempted to use a shard of broken glass to kill him, but this failed. The man then proceeded to slash Glen's neck, slowly killing him until he ran out of blood. Glen's cellmate called for help and shouted and screamed that his innocent. Nancy and Rod received the news of his death, which greatly saddened them, with Nancy asking why is their friends all of a sudden dying.

Nancy went to sleep the following night and the same killer attempted to kill her but a worried Nancy awakened screaming and started to believe his the one who murdered Tina and Glen. She went to school the next day and told Rod about her dream. In her class, she falls asleep, with her closs mates around her nothing but mutilated corpses. The teacher turned out to be the razor-clawed killer, who told Nancy not to sleep in class, and broke the chalk, then he attempted yet another murder on her but Nancy awakened screaming with the teacher calming her down.

Nancy then told her mother, Marge Thompson, about this and the descriptions of her stalker. Marge didn't believe it but sent her to hospital to seek for the truth where Nancy dream't and woke up, pulling out the same dirty brown hat the killer had. Marge takes her daughter home and comes down to the cellar, where Marge tells her that he can't come for Nancy because his dead. In truth, the killer's name is Freddy Krueger and was responsible for the deaths of over 20 children in Springwood and was released on a technicality, so Marge and the other parents carried out their revenge by burning Freddy to death in his boiler room. 

Nancy then called Rod while his listening to music at his house, Nancy devised a plan to catch Freddy by her pulling him out of her dream and then Rod will beat him up with a baseball bat or something. Rod though later fell asleep and in his sleep, Rod was on his bed listening to music, Freddy's hand came through his chest, impaling him, and so Freddy dragged him into his bed and massive amounts of blood came from the bed. The police arrived and stated that a killer is going around killing people, Donald one of his subordinates to call him if Nancy is in trouble, Nancy now wanted to kill Freddy so she fell asleep to find him.

In her dream, Nancy battled Freddy and brought him into the real world from the dream world. Freddy lost his powers and immunity to pain and death, angered by this, Freddy attempted to kill Nancy and so Donald was called in to help his daughter. Donald barged through the door and saw Nancy being attacked by Freddy, Donald so saved Nancy by getting Freddy off her and supposedly knocked Freddy out. Donald told Nancy he'll return with backup, but Freddy disappeared once Nancy looked back so she grabbed a cleaver and searched the house for him until he went into her mother's bedroom. There, Freddy was found a mutilated Marge and Freddy in her bed with Marge's corpse. A terrified Nancy fell cried and mourned over her mother's death, so Nancy became angered and Donald returned to the house with more police officers, searching for Nancy and Freddy. Nancy used the cleaver to slice off Freddy's right arm saying "this is for Tina!", then she sliced off Freddy's left arm saying "this is for Glen!", then she sliced off Freddy's right leg saying "this is for Rod!", then she sliced off Freddy's left leg saying "this is for my mother!" and then she slashed Freddy's throat saying "this is for me!". Freddy was brutally killed in self-defense and Donald entered the room, seeing a blood covered Nancy with the corpses of Freddy and Marge. Donald believed that Freddy killed Marge and then Nancy killed Freddy, making no arrests and claiming the killing spree is over.

In the end though, the next day, some children were outside singing "1 2, Freddy's Coming For You!". When they said "9 10, His Back Again!", Freddy blinked at the audience, indicating his return despite his brutal death in the real world.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: His Back (2016)

Freddy manages to make an mentally unstable Donald Thompson about him and uses this to order him to start killing people if he wants to atone for his sins and he will be reunited with his wife and daughter who has been locked in a mental facility. Donald follows Freddy's commands and has managed to kill a school teacher and a few teenagers who are friends with Jesse Walsh. With people believing this is an act caused by Freddy, this allows Freddy to escape Hell and return to the dream world with all his powers. Donald fell asleep in his house and Freddy met him in his dreams, congratulating him for helping Freddy return. So Donald asks for his wife and daughter, but Freddy instead kills him and declares his second killing spree.

Jesse starts having dreams of Freddy and witnesses the scars he gains from each encounter with him. Believing Freddy is actually real, he attempts to tell his friends at school only for them to not believe him. Though his friends begin to die by Freddy and Jesse wishes to kill Freddy to stop the murders. He believes that holy water and crosses due to him being a Demon. So Jesse secretly takes some holy water and crosses from a local church. 

Jesse falls asleep in his home and Freddy goes after him in his dream. Freddy attempts to burn Jesse to death by setting the entire place on fire. However, Jesse survives and pulls Freddy out of the dream to kill him. Jesse uses holy water to pour it onto Freddy, burning his skin like acid. With the holy water empty, he uses the cross in an attempt to burn through his chest. But Freddy uses his bladed glove to cut down his arm, Jesse then escapes his house with Freddy in pursuit. Jesse tricks Freddy into being trapped inside the same local church he gathered the holy water and crosses from. Freddy cursed Jesse and attempted to kill Jesse but Jesse used holy water to burn through his skin. With an injured Freddy in the middle of the church, damaged by the wounds, Jesse uses the stained glass to shine through his cross and direct it to Freddy's chest, burning him alive. 

The police arrive on the scene and find Jesse inside the church, they question him and why he has a giant scar down his arm. Jesse claims he was fighting Freddy and tries to show him Freddy's corpse, but it was gone.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Killer (2017)

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Returning Evil (2018)

A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Final Dream (2019)

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Origins (2020)



  1. Tina Gray: Stabbed through stomach by Freddy Krueger.
  2. Glen Lantz: Neck slit by Freddy Krueger.
  3. Rod Lane: Stabbed through chest and blood drained by Freddy Krueger.
  4. Marge Thompson: Eyes gouged out, jaw almost torn apart and scars left on body by Freddy Krueger.
  5. Freddy Krueger #1: All limbs sliced off and throat slit with a cleaver by Nancy Thompson.
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