A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master is a remake of the 1988 horror-slasher film starring Jackie Earle Haley, Amber Heard, Cam Gigandet, Michelle Trachtenberg, Penn Badgley, Scout Taylor-Compton, Logan Browning, Chris Zylka, Brandon T. Jackson, Robert De Niro and Ali Larter


Kristen, Joey and Kincaid have been released from the Westin Hills Asylum and are now living normal lives and attending high school. Kristen has made new friends and has a boyfriend. She begins to have nightmares and feels as though Freddy has once again come back from the dead.


Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger

Amber Heard as Alice Johnson

Cam Gigandet as Dan Jordan

Michelle Trachtenberg as Debbie Stevens

Penn Badgley as Rick Johnson

Scout Taylor-Compton as Kristen Parker

Logan Browning as Sheila Kopecky

Chris Zylka as Joey Crusel

Brandon T. Jackson as Roland Kincaid

Robert De Niro as Mr. Dennis Johnson

Ali Larter as Elaine Parker


Roland Kincaid- Freddy stabs him in the stomach

Joey Crusel- Freddy stabs him in the torso and drowns him under his waterbed.

Kristen Parker- Freddy throws Kristen into a lit furnace and collects her soul along with the other Dream Warriors

Sheila Kopecky- Freddy sucks all the vomit out of her mouth.

Rick Johnson- Freddy stabs him in the stomach

Debbie Stevens- Freddy transforms her into a cockroach, traps her inside a roach motel and crushes her

Freddy Krueger- Alice puts a mirror infront of Freddy's face and his reflection allows the souls of his victims to tear him apart.


Alice, Dan, Dennis and Elaine

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