'''''A Nightmare on Elm Street 3''''' Is A 2013 American Horror Slasher Film Starring Jackie Earle Haley, Scout Taylor-Compton, Minka Kelly, Cody Longo, Britt Robertson, Logan Lerman, Ashley Greene, Johnny Simmons and Max Van Ville.




Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger

Scout Taylor-Compton as Jessica Thompson

Minka Kelly as Maria Sanchez

Cody Longo as Ryan Lane

Britt Robertson as Layla Caulfield

Logan Lerman as Alex Banner

Ashley Greene as Heather Jenner

Johnny Simmons as Josh Stevens

Max Van Ville as Wade Benson


Alex Banner-

Wade Benson-

Josh Stevens-

Heather Jenner-

Layla Caulfield-

Freddy Krueger- Shot in arm/hand/head with a shotgun (Jessica Thompson)


Jessica Thompson

Maria Sanchez

Ryan Lane


Jessica kills Freddy

(Freddy throws Maria on the floor)

Freddy: Any last words before I.. (shows his blades) kill you (laughs)

Jessica: Sweet dreams, motherfucker

(Freddy turns around and Jessica shoots his arm)

(Jessica loads the gun)

(Freddy comes at her and Jessica shoots his hand)

(Jessica comes over and points the gun at his head)

Freddy: You wouldn't fucking dare

Jessica: Wanna bet

(Freddy tries to stab her but she shoots him in his head and falls down dead)

Jessica: Don't you fucking try

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