Final Stab
Genre Horror/Supernatural/Thriller
Created by Wes Craven
Starring :Sarah Michelle Gellar
James McAvoy
Opening Theme Main theme by Tyler Bates
Location Los Angeles, California
Country Of Origin Unitied States
Number Of Episodes 104
Running Time 45 minutes
Original Channel: Tmc


Original Air Date March 25, 2016
Produced by :David DeCoteau
Directed by David DeCoteau


  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Alice Johnson, the daughter of Mary and Dennis, the sister of Rick, the wife of Dan Jordan and the mother of Jacob and unborn baby
  • James McAvoy as Dan Jordan, the father of Jacob and the unborn baby and the husband of alice
  • Thomas Dekker as Rick Johson, the son of Mary and dennis, the brother of rick and the uncle of Jacob and the unborn baby
  • Robert Englund as Freddy Kreuger
  • Alan Rickman as Dennis Johnson, the father of alice and rick
  • Yeardley Smith as Mary Johnson, the Mother of Alice and rick
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Mr. Jordan
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