A Nightmare on Elm Street is a 2014 Film remake of the 1984 Film as well the 2010 Remake, directed by James Wan and scored by Joseph Bishara . It stars Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Radcliffe, Kevin Conroy, Jodie Foster and Kevin Spacey as Freddy Krueger. The film was followed by a sequel, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge. Wan would return to direct It's third installment A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Master.


The film starts with a unknown person building up a glove full of razors, later ataching it to It's hand. Later, student Tina Grey (Elizabeth Olsen) is chased by the unknown figure in a old boiler room. She at first starts to have fear by hearing someone fainting their name and seeing a goat in a infinite hall. Arriving at the Boiler Room's center, she notices that the figure posseses claws in his right hand. She hides in a nearby corridor, but the figure finds her and cuts her robe.

It is then revealed that everything seen earlier was a dream, with Tina waking up and her mother calling her. In the next day, Tina meets with her friends Nancy Thompson (Jennifer Lawrence), Nancy's boyfriend, Glen Lantz (Daniel Radcliffe) and her boyfriend Rod Lane (Dylan O'Brien), telling to them about her dream with the burned man. Nancy calms Tina down, telling that is just a dream, but also tells that she had a similar dream in the last night.

That night, both Nancy and Glen set to Tina's house while her parents aren't town, also conforting her about the nightmare. While watching a clip of The Blair Witch Project, Tina describes the stalker to Nancy and Glen, stating he seemed burned, used a fedora and had a glove full of stichy razors. The description intrigues Nancy, with she declaring Nancy's stalker to be the same in her nightmare.

Rod appears in the party and reconciliates about a former discussion he had with Tina in School. Tina and Rod then leave upstairs and start to have sex. Hearing them, Glen and Nancy start trying to sleep.

At night, a figure merges within the wall to catch Nancy, but dissapears as she wakes up. In Tina's room, Rod reveals to her that he also had the same dream she had, but Tina tells that she was disturbed and the two set to sleep. While sleeping, Tina sees the hideous figure again, now, tauting her until going to kill. He eventually catches and attacks her. Her struggles awake Rod, who in panic, falls out of the bed. Misteriously levitating, Tina is slashed in the middle, falling dead and heavely scared through the body. Rod is accused of the murder, being the only one in the crime scene.

The next day, Nancy, trying to forget what happened decides to go to school, even with her mother, Marge Thompson's (Jodie Foster) denial. On her way school, she is abducted by a worried Rod, that tells her he didn't kill Tina. Tina says she believes in him. However, Tina's father, Lt. Donald Thompson (Kevin Conroy), finds Rod and arrests him.

In school, Nancy falls asleep just to see Tina bloodied and being pushed by a unknown force.


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