A Nightmare on Elm Street 2; Freddy,s Return is a 2014 Horror Thriller Film and a sequel to the 2010 remake "A Nightmare on Elm Street" that stars Dakota Fanning, Steven R. McQueen, Emma Roberts, Nicholas D'Agosto, Ryan Merriman, Brittany Snow, Robert De Niro, Danielle Panabaker, Ashley Greene, Matt Lanter, Amanda Seyfried and Jackie Earle Haley.


Donna Winters and her friends are in a motel for their spring break, but the first few days there, a strange figure begins haunting them in their dreams. Then, Chris is found mysteriously gutted one morning, his death deemed a suicide. Soon, the strange figure haunting them in their dreams begins to kill them all in their dreams, meaning they also die in reality. The vacation quickly spirals out of control as Freddy Krueger continues his bidy count, and the remaining vacationers must stop him before he kills them all.


Dakota Fanning as Donna Winters

Steven R. McQueen as Kirk Churchill

Emma Roberts as Mackenzie Jones

Nicholas D'Agosto as Timmy Williams

Ryan Merriman as George Winters

Brittany Snow as Francine Rivers

Robert De Niro as Detective Johnson

Danielle Panabaker as Esther Miller

Ashley Greene as Tracey Johnson

Matt Lanter as Chris Rover

Amanda Seyfried as Liz Matthews

Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger


Timmy Williams

Mackenzie Jones

Kirk Churchill

Tracey Johnson


Chris Rover- Slashed in chest with bladed glove, stomach sliced open

Francine Rivers- Stabbed in chest with bladed glove, chest cut open

Donna Winters- Head crushed on ceiling, slammed in wall 3 times

Liz Matthews- Pushed in a pit of bombs, blown up

Esther Miller- Stabbed in neck with bladed glove

George Winters- Stabbed thru back in bathroom

Detective Johnson- Stabbed thru side with bladed glove

Freddy Krueger- Stabbed 2 times in stomach with machete by Timmy, burned alive in boiling pool by Mackenzie


Chris' Death

(Chris is in a dream and he is doing gymnastics)

(Chris hears a noise)

Chris: Hello? Is anybody there?

(No one answers so he goes back to exercising, but a black shadow suddenly fills a mirror)

Chris: Who the hell is there because it is not funny right now!

(He goes and looks, and sees a figure with a bladed glove standing on the staircase)

Chris: (Walking up to the man) Who are you?

Freddy Krueger: I'm your worst nightmare.

(Freddy slashes Chris in the chest with his bladed glove and slices his stomach open)

Donna's Death and Timmy Witnesses It

(Donna is in a dream, lying in a bed watching TV when Freddy comes up behind her and lifts her up by the throat)


Timmy: (In reality) Donna?

(Timmy goes and watches Donna in reality being lifted up by Freddy, who is invisible)

Freddy: I would let you go, Donna, but my job is to Kill you! I don't care for you or you all! (Lifts Donna up and crushes her head on the ceiling. Then Donna is slammed into the wall 3 times as Timmy watches in reality. Her body then falls to the floor across from the bed)

Liz's Death and Mackenzie and Kirk see her die

(Liz walks thru a hallway in her dream after hearing a noise)

Liz: Hello?

Liz: Is anybody there?

(A shadow quickly disappears behind a wall. She looks behind it, but nothing is there)

Liz: Is this some sort of sick prank?

(She looks in a room and suddenly a figure behind her hits her on the head with a piece of metal. She falls down unconscious and wakes up later to see she is handcuffed above a pit full of bombs)


(She is shoved into the pit and the bombs all blow up, killing her. In reality, Mackenzie and Kirk hear the explosion and go to Liz's room, only to see her in reality being blown up in her bed. Blood and guts rain everywhere and her head lands in Kirk's hands. They scream)

Detective Johnson's Death

(Detectuve Johnson accidentally falls asleep on duty, and in a dream, he is working on duty)

Freddy Krueger: Hello, Johnson.

Detective Johnson: Who is that?

Freddy Krueger: Me, Johnson.

Freddy Krueger: I want to kill you.

Detective Johnson: Show yourself and I will shoot you!

Freddy Krueger: Ok.

(Freddy pops up behind him and grabs him with one hand)

(Freddy stabs the bladed glove thru Johnson's side and drops him)

Esther's Death

(In a dream, Esther goes to the kitchen to make a fruit drink and she puts some fruit in a blender. She plugs it in and turns it on, but instead Freddy's arm pops out)


(The arm grabs Esther by the chest and tries to pull her in, but she grabs the blender and smashes it on the floor)

(Freddy emerges out of a pile of broken glass shards, unharmed)

Esther: NO! PLEASE!

(Esther is lifted up by Freddy and is stabbed in the neck with his bladed glove)

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