A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Game is a survival horror game.


The game has a fear meter. If the player's fear goes too high effects happen like bug crawling across the screen, environments warping, strange sounds happening, etc.


The only three ways the survivors can survive is by;

  • Beating the timer which causes them to be awakened by their alarm clock
  • Escaping the dream by using steam pipes to wake themselves up
  • Complete a series of steps to kill Freddy

Survivors would also possess a dream power.

Freddy has to increase the survivors' fear by chasing them, attacking them or using traps. Trap include;

  • Apparitions like the rope jumping girls and Tina in her body bag
  • Delaying traps like gooey stairs and floors to slow down survivors
  • Environmental possession causing items and scenery to come to life and create jump scares.

Once Freddy has scared the survivors enough, he can kill them and become stronger. The stronger Freddy becomes, the less he has to scare survivors before killing them.


Daniel Miller; the jock.

Matt Wilson; a Roland Kincaid esque character.

Violet White; a Taryn White esque character.


The player ends up in a coma.

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