A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 is the 2013 sequel to the 2010 remake and 2011 sequel. It stars Rooney Mara, Taylor Momsen, Michelle Tractenberg, Jackie Earle Haley, Arlen Escarpeta, Grant Gustin, Ashley Tisdale, Nina Dobrev, Drew Roy, Rory Culkin, Adam Brody, Shenae Grimes and Amber Heard.


Kristen Parker has a horrible nightmare of Freddy brutally attacking her, only to see her dream has become reality. The following night, Kristen is brutally murdered, deemed a suicide by police. But Nancy knows what really happened to Kristen - Freddy has returned and wants his revenge.


Rooney Mara as Nancy Holbrook

Taylor Momsen as Kristen Parker

Michelle Tractenberg as Lily Johnson

Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger

Arlen Escarpeta as Erik Williams

Grant Gustin as Kurt Parks

Ashley Tisdale as Carly Billing

Nina Dobrev as Candice Stewarts

Drew Roy as Tyler Randall

Rory Culkin as Kenny Miller

Adam Brody as Dennis Tatum

Shenae Grimes as Sarah Cox

Amber Heard as Wendy Jones


Kristen Parker- Slashed in back 18 times and strangled to death with a large bedsheet

Wendy Jones- Veins cut with bladed glove

Dennis Tatum- Drained of his blood using syringes

Candice Stewarts- Impaled through the stomach with bladed glove

Kenny Miller- Lifted into air and head crushed into pulp with Freddy's superstrength

Tyler Randall- Strangled with cord and slashed in stomach 4 times

Carly Billing- Slashed in face with bladed glove and thrown through glass door

Freddy Krueger- Stabbed in chest and back with machete an impaled in forehead with a spear


Nancy, Lily, Erik, Sarah and Kurt are the only survivors.

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