A Night of Daggers is the debut album from Swedish metal band Shadow Voyage, released on December 13th 1991 via Brutal Theatre. In this release, Shadow Voyage's sound is primarily death metal, whereas following albums and work took to a more melodic death metal sound. It is the only album to feature Laureg Viksen on bass, who departed shortly after the band decided on a change of sound. It is followed by 1993's The Creator and the Seer.

The album was re-issued in 2001 to commemorate its 10th anniversary, with bonus tracks and live songs. It was also released in a Special Edition box in 2007, containing a A Night of Daggers-era poster, signed by the band in 1991. Although the band has steered away from the sound of A Night of Daggers, Erik Sturgens has said "it is part of our [Shadow Voyage] evolution. It's different to anything else we did after, but it is still part of our history and we must respect it". Erik Sturgens and Martin Vargeld are the only remaining members of Shadow Voyage from the A Night of Daggers album line-up.


Following its initial release, the album was received generally well by critics. The band earned themselves a strong following, majority of which dissipated after their change of sound. "Shadow Voyage are a death metal five piece from Gothenburg who offer dark, violent, death metal. A Night of Daggers is a strong release, short but sweet". In a 2004 review, the band was criticized in hindsight for their later change of style: "It's hard to believe that 1991's A Night of Daggers came from Shadow Voyage, a Swedish melodic death metal band. It is a disappointment that the band did not stick to this sound, and went off on the melo-death wave. Another tragedy in metal".

Track listing

1991 Original Release:

  1. "The Nefarious Plague" - 7:00
  2. "Hellvest Pt. 1" - 8:33
  3. "Hellvest Pt. 2" - 9:12
  4. "Laceral Dream" - 4:55

2001 Re-Issue

  1. "The Christ Destroyer" - 4:00
  2. "Night of Unsanctioned Slumber" - 5:44
  3. "The Nefarious Plague" (Live) - 7:00
  4. "Hellvest Anthology" (Live) - 17:45


  • Erik Sturgens - Vocals
  • Martin Vargeld - Guitar
  • Laureg Viksen - Bass
  • Tyven Wodnottsol - Drums
Shadow Voyage-A Night of Daggers

The original artwork for "A Night of Daggers"

Shadow Voyage-A Night of Daggers (Reissue)

The 2001 re-issue of "A Night of Daggers"

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