A Nation Divided is a American political drama film directed by Scott Cooper and written and produced by Drew Gars. Universal Pictures distributed the film with Legendary Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures producing. The film stars Russell Crowe, Harrison Ford, Melissa McCarthy, Nat Faxon, John Slattery, John Cho, Nick Kroll and Louis Gossett, Jr.


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  • Russell Crowe as Walter Coast,
  • Harrison Ford as Mickey Dolance,
  • Melissa McCarthy as Janette Bowen,
  • Nat Faxon as Lionel Mendez,
  • John Slattery as Jon Lyman,
  • John Cho as Marlon Suez,
  • Nick Kroll as Bobby Keither, Coast's campaign manager.
  • Louis Gossett, Jr. as the President of the United States.
  • Victor Garber as TBA,
  • Eriq La Salle as Bruce Callan,
  • Jill Flint as TBA,
  • James Fox as Dex Pines,
  • Charles Chun as Ben Mosby,
  • Jack Plotnick as TBA,
  • Jason Jones as TBA,
  • Phil Abrams as TBA,
  • David Arnott as TBA,
  • Jason Lee as TBA,


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