A Murder at Crows
Genre Drama

Crime Drama


Created by Ifan Barber
Starring Catherine Zeta Jones

Pierce Brosnan

Kim Cattrall

David Thewlis

Sterling K Brown

Janelle Monae

James Norton

Opening Theme The Crows Theme
Location United Kingdom
Country Of Origin United Kingdom
Number Of Episodes 3
Running Time 60 minutes
Original Channel: BBC One
Original Air Date December 25th 2017 - December 27th 2017
Produced by Ifan Barber

Russell T Davies

Sarah Phelps

Piers Wenger

Directed by Rachel Talalay
A Murder at Crows is a British television movie based on the 1942 film and 1929 book of the same name, the first of seven to feature Detective Robert Browning.


On a cold winter's night at Crows, the manor home of Lady Christina Whitley (Catherine Zeta Jones) and her husband Morris Whitley (Pierce Brosnan), their guest Boris Moorhead (David Thewlis) is brutally murdered on the first floor landing. With the house on lockdown by the police to prevent any guests, who are the prime suspects, from leaving, the police turn to the only man who could possibly solve a crime as complex as this one - Detective Arthur Browning (James Norton).


Catherine Zeta Jones as Lady Christina Whitley

The rich widow of Lord Christopher Irons, she has recently remarried Lord Irons' cousin, Morris Whitley. She is the first to discover Boris Moorhead's body and becomes a companion of sorts to Arthur, a role she establishes permanently after her husband is exposed as the killer.

Pierce Brosnan as Morris Whitley

The sly new husband of Lady Christina, Detective Browning exposes Morris as a serial killer and black widower of sorts. It is revealed that Morris triggered Lord Irons' heart attack and was the perpetrator of Boris Moorhead's murder.

Kim Cattrall as Deidre DeHavilland

An American actress and close friend of Lady Christina, she had a brief fling with Boris Moorhead and birthed a child with him, but he eventually abandoned her, giving her motive to kill him.

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