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A Much Better World is an alternate timeline/alternate universe created by Username687.


The Muslim world was having a healthy competition of ideas and a tradition of peaceful transfer of power rather than simply the choice of repressive monarchies, secular dictatorships, or Islamist theocracies.

Russia was avoiding being communism. (Because Stalin has massively killed many people.) A slow transition from Tsarist autocracy to a constitutional parliamentary system would help. But it needs to start well before 1917.

South America goes for the true democratic revolutions in the mold of the US and France, not shifting power from Spain and Portugal to local elites.

Italy does not unite in 1861, but it was splitting into 2 separate nations named Padania and South Italy, and Germany was also not united (same as Italy) named North Germany and South Germany. Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo were united under a democratic regime, while Korea was united also under a democratic regime, as well.

There will be no World Wars because many people wanted to have peace and not war all-the-time.

Brazil would still be the constitutional monarchy in this timeline (because Brazil in our timeline is NOT a developed country, and also considered as developing due to its low GDP per capita, low living standards, high infant mortality rate, and other factors).

Limmared would be the seat of Tranemo Municipality (called Limmared Municipality in this alternate timeline), and Limmared would likely be larger with its area are 6.05 km2 instead of 1.46 km2, while Tranemo would smaller with its area 2.03 km2.

Some things that are from Fanon Wiki would exist in this timeline like:

  • Rede Nia - the channel would be a serious competitor to Rede Globo, and it was launched in 1984 instead of 1954, while being closed in 2000, due to copyright infringement, and as well as, lower viewership.
  • Scary Movie 6
  • Cinema in Limmared

2002–2004 SARS outbreak and COVID-19 pandemic wouldn't happen because the Chinese would not eat bat as food, and also the Kalmar Union would have never fallen/collapsed.


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