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Opening Credits

In Association With
Melvin Productions Ltd.

Melvin Productions 1986-1994 In-credit Logo.png

Scott Webb Presents

A Mouse in the
Sausage Peg

Matthew Broderick Susie Blake
John Mahoney Paige O'Hara
Robby Benson Allison Moore
Jonathan Freeman Jesse Corti
Whoopi Goldberg James Earl Jones

Production Design by
Maurice Nelson

Art Director
Doug Scheib

Film Editors:
Roy Tanner
Peter Tanner

Music by
Bruce Broughton

Written by
Clay Darling

Screenplay by
Eric Johnston

Story by
Virgil Geopper

Produced by
Graham Collingwood
Michael Reynolds
Scott Webb
Marvin Kellaway

Directed by
Scott Webb

Closing Credits

Casting by
Michael Wallace

Scrolling Credits


Tom Mouse Matthew Broderick
Christinia Mouse Susie Blake
Geronimo John Mahoney
Mr. Owl Robby Benson
Mrs. Owl Paige O'Hara
Ginger Allison Moore
Golitah Jonathan Freeman
Bumpy Berk Jesse Corti
Mrs. Rabbit Janet Waldo
Mr. Fox Alan Oppenheimer
Mr. Bear John Stephenson
Reverned Muskrat Frank Welker
Mighty the Dog Don Messick
King Mouse James Earl Jones
Queen Mouse Tress MacNeille
Mrs. Fish Whoopi Goldberg
Danny Richard Waites
Ringo Neil Buchanan

Additional Voices:
Peter Renaday Gregg Berger
Phil LaMarr Jean Vander Pyl
Kerry Shale Kath Soucie
James Woods Susan Sheridan

Supervising Producer:
Richard Kenny

Supervising Director:
Thomas A. White

Animation Supervisor
Mike Williams

Character Design:
Brian Cosgrove Jon Doyle
Paul Harrison Margaret Riley
Mark Stacey Mike Whaite

Storyboard Artists:
Jon Doyle Jez Hall
Andy Roper Paul Salmon
Stephen Simpson

Layout Artists:
Chris Randall Margaret Riley
Paul Salmon Vincent James
Dan Whitworth Ed Williams
Andy Roper

Background Artists:
Beverly Bush Brian Cosgrove
John Geering Stephen Hanson
John Millington Nick Pratt
Andy Roper Keith Scoble
Ben Turner

Animation Directors:
Mike Henn Glen Keane
George Kenny Mike Williams
Russ Mooney James Baxter
Ron Myrick

Charlie Downs Eileen Dunn
M. Flores Nichols Stan Phillips
Tom Ray Neal Warner
Karen Peterson

Ink and Paint Supervisor
Warren Johnson

Effects Animation
Graeme Rowley Don McManus
John Brown James Michaels
Bernard Germanetti Ed Augustin

Camera/Film Recorder Operators
Graeme Edelman Nigel Stanchfield
David Whitworth Dale Brunswick
Roy Willis Carl Hill

Production Supervisor:
Ken Phillipson

Production Manager:
Thomas Musker

Production Co-ordinator:
Bernard Edwards

Production Assistant:
Terri Gauskin

1st Assistant Director:
Andrea Taylor

Executive Music Producer:
Chris Mountain

Music Supervisor: Richard L. Wallace

Music Co-ordinator: James Davies

Creative Producer:
Richard Celador

Music Performed by
The London Symphony Orchestra


Executive in Charge of Production: Jim Organisation

Director of Production: Dickie Bamber

Supervising Editor: Robert T. Gills

Assistant Editor: Roy Hill

Post Production

Post Production Supervisor: Mike Stern

Post Production Manager: Bob Strew

Post Production Co-ordinator: Ernest Nelson

Post Production Assistant: Doug Smith


Sound Designer: Gary Rydstrom

Supervising Design: Ray Butler

Recreation Supervisor: Larry Houston

Creative Consultant: Davis Doi

Supervising Manager: Larry Parr


Orchestrations: Michael Young
Conducted by Bruce Broughton
Music Editor: Emery Kennethson
Voice Recording: Wally Burr Recording
Voice Director: Stu Rosen
Mixer Supervisor: Thomas Claster
Music Created by Robert Crissman
Sound Effects by Wellington Productions, Inc.

Main and End Title Design by
Saxon/Ross Film Design

Opticals and Titles by
Paific Titles

Post Production Sound by
Skywalker Sound


Foley Artists: Pauline Griffiths
Jenny Lee Wright
Re-Recording Mixers: Scott Millan
Tom Meadows
Scott Millan
Sound Effects Editors: Michael H. DePatie
Michael Tomack
Bruce Elliott
Heather Elliott
Richard Allen
Associate Sound Editor: Martin Cantwell
James Boyle
Jonathan Miller
Supervising Sound Editor: Nigel Galt

Assistant to the Producer:

Kevin Rogers

Color Timers:

Terry Claborn
Jim Passon
Ron Lynch

Technical Constulants:

Peter Michaelson Chris Wallace
John Tartakovsky Brian Trueman
Robert Wallace Jimmy Hibbert
Peter DeVito Bruce Thompson
Chris Spencer James Howard
Robert Stevenson James Anderson
Peter Richard Reeves Chuck Johnson
Charlie Barks Max Thomas

Visual Development

Virgil Geopper Eric Dodgers
George Get Carols Alfonso
James Rogers Dan Whitworth
Jack Deakin Jean Flynn
James Thomas Andy Roper
Eric Johnson Ryan Budweiser


Tom Carlisle Craig Payne
Cherise Miller Brian Torres
John Bennett Keith Johnson
Kent Barnes Michael Hitson
Paul Gillis Peter Schreiber

Assistant Constulants

Ralph Bruckheimer Ed Benninger
Ed Benedict Clayton Darling
Bernard Matthews Yoram Patterson
Kevin Kinney Al Zimmer

Animation Produced by

Fred Wolf Films

Animation Services by

TMS Entertainment

Special Thanks to

Bernard Matthews

General Manager:
Laura Charles

Executive Producer:
John Tartakovsky


"Mr. Blobby"
Written by Phillip Raxster
Produced by Paul Shaw and David Rogers
Mixed and Recorded at Destiny Music Ltd.


Paddington Bear
courtesy of
FilmFair Ltd./Paddington and Company Ltd.

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
courtesy of
Britt Allcroft (Thomas) Ltd.

Soundtrack Available from

Free-vector-fox-records 069728 fox-records.png
Atlantic Records logo.png

Mixed and Recorded in a

Smbmovie thx.png

THX Sound System Theater

American Humane Association monitored the animal action.
No animals and/or talking objects were harmed in the making of this film.


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(C) 1994 Scott Webb Films
All Rights Reserved

A Scott Webb Presentation

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Produced and Released by
Twentieth Century Fox