A Mother's Love is a 2018 Psychological horror film directed and written by Denzel Washington.


a mother day who take revenge to the mothers.


John and Dolan always wanted to have children. As the chance come, they adopt 7 girls from the nearest orphanage. As they arrive at the big, old house, Meredith is full of love to them and John too. As the girls return to the high school, Holly tells her new friend Audrey everything about Meredith,who van't get pregnant. Soon Audrey visits the Dolan's and tells Meredith how sorry she is.She gets angry and put the girl in the cellar.After that,John enters the cellar and cuts her several times painful with a chainsaw until all body parts are cut off.The girls don't know about this horrible crime.As the Dolan's and Emma went shopping,Jenna discovers body parts of Audrey in the garage closet.She tells the other 3 girls and they make a plan to escape.John,always locks the doors and windows, so they can't get through.When the girls are at school,Meredith finds Holly's bracelet right in front of the closet,which she has accidentelly dropped in shock.She shows it to John and they are showing the're real faces. So they torture one girl after another until only Holly,Sophie and Jenna are left. They hide in the van. As John searchs for them with a gun,Holly knocks him on the ground and open his stomach with the chainsaw. Then, they start the engine and drive away.


  • Sasha Pieterse as Holly
  • Ella Bleu Travolta as Jilly
  • Elle Fanning as Sophie
  • AnnaSophia Robb as Jenna
  • Hailee Steinfeld as Emma
  • Nathalia Ramos as Stacie
  • Juno Temple as Polly
  • Willow Shields as Kim
  • Sharon Stone as Meredith Dolan
  • Kiefer Sutherland as John Dolan
  • Georgie Henley as Audrey Harris
  • Shirley Maclaine as Mrs.Lynette Dawson-Creeley


  • Audrey Harris-Cut off arms,legs,stomach and neck by John with a chainsaw.
  • Kim-Put in an iron maiden and burns to death by Meredith.
  • Polly-Strangled with an electric cable by John while escaping out the window.
  • Stacie-Stabbed often with a butcher knife by John after knocking out Meredith.
  • Emma-Fell and speared on a iron pipe in a fight with Meredith.
  • John Dolan-Cut off stomach with a chainsaw by Holly


At the end, the girls drive away as suddenly Sophie sees Meredith serveral times in the mirror. Meredith calls someone from the killing agency and says: You got to do something for me! And the film ends.

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