A Mission to San Diego is episode of The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited.


Code Blue are on a mission to San Diego.


  • Mordecai: We see their secret hide out. You ready, Tony?
  • Iron Man: Don't worry, Avengers. The plans in place.
  • Rigby: Do, do, do. Where did they go?
  • Captain America: Avengers.
  • Dan Zembrovski: What is it, Steve?
  • Captain America: Neo-Makuu, Neo-Madou and Neo-Fuuma are not here. Their at the Alliance's Underground Base. Abord the mission.
  • Troll Moko: Right.
  • Iron Man: Well, we created another one to study too...
  • Superior Spider-Man: After we built a fourth and fifth Magna Morphers, Mode Timers and Arm Weapon Devices to experiment on...
  • Amanda Highborn: A spare devices for research?
  • Troll Moko: Yes.
  • Iron Man: Yuuya, use this.
  • Yuuya: What is it?
  • Iron Man: It's a fourth Magna Morpher, Mode Timer and Arm Weapon Device. We made. Use it.
  • Yuuya: You got it.
  • (Yuuya puts on his Magna Morpher, Mode Timer and Arm Weapon Device on)
  • Yuuya: Whoa.
  • Rigby: Nice, right?
  • Yuuya: Yep.
  • Howard Weinerman: Come on, let's go get to base.
  • Randy Cunningham: No kidding. Let's go.
  • [To be continued...]
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