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A Mia Movie: The Mia Stories Movie is an American hand puppetry shock comedy TV movie that aired as the season 1 finale of Mia Stories, from which the movie is adapted upon. It premiered on The CC (Cartoon Comedy) on June 15, 2017.


The movie opens with Mia trying to watch lesbian porn on her dad's computer. Her mother, disapproving, breaks the computer with asparagus and orders Mia to dine with the rest of the family. Mia, angry, boils down Maleni's Math test with a 100 on it and breaks her Youth Ballerina Championship trophy award. Mrs. Villarreal gets angry at Mia and kicks her out of the dinner. Mia, angry at her own family for disowning and unloving her, decides to runaway and packs up her stuff. She makes Edben come along, so he doesn't turn her back on her either.

They decide to stay over at the Ortiz household with Ruby, her mom Esmeralda, and Ruby's new mom, the former vice principal. They had just married, though it was a cheap marriage, with Ruby having to be the officiator. Ruby gives them snacks, a TV, and even sleeping bags. During the night, however, Ruby's snoring forces Mia and Edben to sleep in the streets. They plan to go back to Ruby's house; her moms are angry at them for leaving, though, so they aren't allowed to come back. So, our hungry duo go to McDonald's, were they buy breakfast. They meet a "cult" of hobos, called "The Brotherhood of Brother Hobos", with their 108-year old leader, who convince Mia to join them. They go to the woods, where the leader makes Mia do a "ritual" in which she must take off her clothes and get kissed. Edben promptly makes Mia and they leave the hobo cult.

Afterwards, Mia and Edben decide to go the pool, where they meet a girl named Lolosin (Dipper), who has a family tradition of weird naming for her family members. Her mom and dad (both played by Dipper) are named Tatatata and Gupbé. She lets Mia and Edben live with her. She gives them a cinema-sized TV to watch shows on, and even snacks. Unfortunately, when the three decide to watch a movie, Lolosin decides to get close to Edben, and even tries to kiss him. He denies her, though, and everyone decides to go to sleep. Lolosin, however, takes the chances of stabbing Mia. Edben, however, stops her and ends up killing Lolosin in the process. Then they leave...again.

In the day, Mia and Edben decide to wash their clothes at the Laundromat instead of originally washing it with McCafe. Meanwhile, a police officer interrupts the Villarreal's dinner to report that their daughter is missing and that they may have killed her. After seeing the basement and the other rooms, however, the police officer concludes that Mia just went missing and bring the whole family to the police patrol to put up missing signs. Also, the owner of the Laundromat locks Mia and Edben in in order to kill them. They still manage to escape and, the patrol with the whole family in it finds them. Mrs. Villarreal, instead of being relieved that she found Mia, hate talks at her. Her abuse towards Mia is revealed through flashbacks, however, and she is arrested. She then gets an asparagus stuck in her buttocks. Mia goes back to the family but her dad gives her cookies and even lets her watch her lesbian porn.

In a post credits scene, Mrs. Villarreal dies due to her surgeon refusing to stick out the asparagus, as she knows of her abuse towards Mia.

Voice cast

  • Dipper as Mia, Ruby, Esmeralda, The (Vice) Principal, Mrs. Villarreal, Mr. Villarreal, Maleni, Diego, Lolosin, Gupbé, McDonalds Employee, 108-Year Old Brotherhood of Brother Hobos Leader, Laundromat Owner, Police Officer, Glenn Glenn, and Surgeon
  • 3D83N as Edben, Brotherhood of Brother Hobos Member, Tatatata, and Jimmy Jimmy


The TV movie got 945,667 viewers, and got the highest views on Thursday.


The movie got mixed to negative reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gave it an approval rating of 39% and an average rating of 4.1/10. The site's critical consensus reads, "A mean-spirited, too-much-subplotted, one-dimension, and selfish movie still eats up the shock humor and tone of the original webseries it was based on".