A Kiss Before Dying is 2016 thriller film. It is remake of 1959 and 1991 film. This films stars


After push his girlfriend, Dorothy who was pregnant to death. A determined psychopath, Jonathan Corliss is targets her sister, Ellen and fall in love with her.



  • TBA as Jonathan Corliss
  • Emma Bell as Ellen Carlsson
  • TBA as Thor Carlsson
  • TBA as Dorothy Carlsson
  • TBA as Abigail Corliss
  • TBA as Daniel Corelli
  • TBA as Young Jonathan Corliss
  • TBA as Lecturer
  • TBA as Patricia Farren
  • TBA as Shoe Saleslady
  • TBA as Screaming Lady
  • TBA as Terry Dieter
  • TBA as Reporter
  • TBA as Waitress
  • TBA as Commissioner Malley
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