A Kingdom of My Own is an American animated musical fantasy film. The film serves as a prequel and spin off of Sofia the First.



Anna Camp as Princess Ivy- the main protagonist and later main antagonist of the film. She is an attention loving princess who dreams of having a kingdom of her own.

Princess Evonne- the secondary protagonist of the film. Unlike her younger sister, she is more responsible

The King- The tritagonist of the film.

A snake charmer of Indian descent who helps Evonne.

Travis- the nightingale


Professor Lebuff-

Princess Amber-


  • Ivy: Hey! How come she gets to be next in line and not me! Father, you may have forgotten that I am also a member of the royal family of Prisma! So therefore, I have the right to be next in line!

The king lets out a sigh before turning his attention to Ivy with an annoyed expression on his face.

The King: Ivy, how many times do I have to tell you? Around here, we only follow the tradition of which the eldest offspring of the royal family would win the title of either king or queen; and since Evonne is the eldest, that title only goes to her. Be that as it may, You might also had the chance to be a queen, just not at Prisma. However, since you are known for craving attention above others, you are most likely to misuse your power if you're not careful.


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