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A Giant Problem is an adult animated sitcom created by Robert Tick and produced by Arty King. It airs at 8:30 on Comedy World Network .

Season One (2016-)

  1. The Pilot: Terrell O'Rourke, a New York bartender, is left unemployed after an accident, so him and his British-American family decide to move to his father-in-law's home in Otherworld, a fairytale land that blends fun children's tales with quirky satirical comedy. September 25, 2016 TV-PG-DLV
  2. The Vow: Terrell and Katy, his wife, find out that they were not legally wed on Earth, so Gramps goes on a crusade to marry them on Otherworld. October 2, 2016 TV-PG-DLSV
  3. The Song: When a profane new hit song reaches the airwaves, a new teacher at Tooth Fairy Public School, Allie (played by AMY POEHLER) gets all music in Otherworld banned. October 9, 2016 TV-14-DL
  4. The Job: Terrell, realizing that he needs to take care of his family more than ever, becomes a bounty hunter. However, when he captures a thief in the Fluoride Plant, he is rewarded with a job. October 16, 2016 TV-PG-LV
  5. The Scare: Gary, the only son and middle child, is in charge of running the school's first actually haunted house, but he gets trapped inside and has to survive without his friends and family. October 30, 2016 TV-14-DV
  6. The Drink: After testing a drink created by the Fluoride Plant, Terrell goes into an acid-induced psychedelic journey. November 6, 2016 TV-PG-DLSV
  7. The Turkey: Unknown if they should celebrate Thanksgiving in Otherworld or not, the family creates a new, identical holiday to replace it. November 13, 2016

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