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A Giant Problem is an adult animated sitcom created by Robert Tick and produced by Arty King. It airs at 8:30 on Comedy World Network .

Season One (2016-)

  1. The Pilot: Terrell O'Rourke, a New York bartender, is left unemployed after an accident, so him and his British-American family decide to move to his father-in-law's home in Otherworld, a fairytale land that blends fun children's tales with quirky satirical comedy. February 14, 2016 TV-PG-DLV
  2. The Vow: Terrell and Katy, his wife, find out that they were not legally wed on Earth, so Gramps goes on a crusade to marry them on Otherworld. February 21, 2016 TV-PG-DLSV
  3. The Song: When a profane new hit song reaches the airwaves, a new teacher at Tooth Fairy Public School, Allie (played by AMY POEHLER) gets all music in Otherworld banned. February 28, 2016 TV-14-DL
  4. The Job: Terrell, realizing that he needs to take care of his family more than ever, becomes a bounty hunter. However, when he captures a thief in the Fluoride Plant, he is rewarded with a job. March 6, 2016 TV-PG-LV
  5. The Scare: Gary, the only son and middle child, is in charge of running the school's first fair, but he gets trapped on a ferris wheel and has to survive without his friends and family. March 13, 2016 TV-14-DV
  6. The Drink: After testing a drink created by the Fluoride Plant, Terrell goes into an acid-induced psychedelic journey. March 27, 2016 TV-PG-DLSV
  7. The Clover: Unknown if they should celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Otherworld or not, the family creates a new, identical holiday to replace it; Gary thinks he's cursed. April 3, 2016 
  8. The Hatred: After realizing they aren't the only refugees from Earth, the O'Rourke family decides to bond with their next-door neighbor, Charles. April 10, 2016 TV-14-SV
  9. The Lake: Terrell decides to take his kids fishing, but he soon finds that fairytale lakes are much more dangerous tha normal ones. April 24, 2016 TV-PG-LV
  10. The Theif: Gary becomes involved in a gang of child thieves, but, to his dismay, he has to steal from the same place his father is the guard. May 1, 2016 TV-14-DLSV
  11. The Integrity: Francine, the oldest, wants to fulfill her lifelong dream: being a reporter; Dave is faced with a quagmire when his integrity is tested. May 8, 2016 TV-PG-L
  12. The Imagination: Dave wonders what it would be like if he wasn't born; Katy becomes a caricature painter. May 15, 2016 TV-PG-DLS
  13. The Grade: Francine keeps getting horrible grades in school, so she sets up an illegal report card trade system. May 22, 2016 TV-PG-D

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