A Fraction of a Trance is a fan fiction episode of Dexter's Laboratory.


In the 5th season premiere. Mandark plants a mind control bug on Dexter's head to get Dexter to reveal his lab to his parents, then at night, Mandark activates the bug and puts Dexter in a trance to get him to reveal the lab, but the high-volume sound of DeeDee's screaming (she screamed because there was a beetle in her room) snaps Dexter out of the trance, Dexter doesn't remember a thing, but DeeDee starts to worry that Dexter will blab, so she keeps watch so Dexter doesn't blow the secret, but DeeDee falls asleep shortly before Mandark puts Dexter under another trance. DeeDee wakes up and sees Dexter headed into their parents' room, then DeeDee sees the bug on Dexter's head and quickly finds out that it was Mandark's doing, and see sihllouetes of Mom and Dad, and shortly after Dexter blabs most of the story, DeeDee hits Dexter on the head with a mallet and destroys the bug, snapping Dexter out of the trance for good, and DeeDee tells Dexter the whole story, even the part where he blabbed, and both DeeDee and Dexter are shocked, but soon find out that the sihlouetes are actually hedge sculptures of Mom and Dad, then the real Mom and Dad pop into the room, and ask what's going on because they heard a crash, and Dexter and DeeDee say it was nothing, and they buy it, soon Dexter thanks DeeDee for saving him from a horrible trance, and Dexter thinks of the perfect way to get revenge

Time Card: Epilogue

Dexter and DeeDee sneak into Mandark's house and plant a mind control bug on his head, and they put Mandark under a trance and he reveals his crush to DeeDee in front of the whole school, humiliating Mandark


  • this episode is the 5th season premiere, and the premiere of Dexter's Laboratory on Nickelodeon
  • this epipsode marks the uncancellation of Dexter's LAboratory
  • the series sees the destruction of the 4th wall for the 1st time, with Dee Dee saying, "this is gonna be a long episode"
  • DeeDee has been redesigned
  • Also, Dexter and Dee Dee's ages were upped by one year (Dexter is now 9 years old, and Dee Dee is now 13 years old, but still retains her original personality from seasons 1-4, and has been given the occasional quick wits in a few episodes)


Dee Dee's season 5 character design

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