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A Farewell to Arms is a 2007 action thriller film starring Ed Harris, Justin Long, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Timothy Olyphant and Maggie Q.


The Cyber-Security Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is briefly taken offline so the FBI looks into several top computer hackers, only to find that they have all been killed by explosives rigged to blow when a certain key combination is entered into a computer keyboard. In New Jersey, a girl who is making out with a guy in his car is interrupted by her estranged father, police detective Frank Malone. They get into an argument and Malone's daughter, Lucy, storms off. Malone is then contacted by his police captain, asking him to pick up a computer hacker named Matt Farrell and bring him to the FBI in Washington. Malone arrives just in time to prevent Farrell from triggering the explosives. Outside, a gang of men realise that the bombs failed to kill Farrell and one of them tries to shoot Farrell through a window. Malone returns fire and the other men invade the apartment. Malone engages them in a shootout and knocks over a statue onto the computer, triggering the bomb. Malone and Farrell then escape in Farrell's car.

The next morning, which is the 4th of July, Malone and Farrell arrive in Washington. Suddenly, all of the traffic lights turn green. Malone and Farrell decide to walk the rest of the way. Then, fake Anthrax alarms go off in the FBI headquarters and Wall Street is shut down. Malone and Farrell meet Deputy Director Miguel Bowman in a portable FBI where Farrell is shown photos of the dead hackers, but tells them that he doesn't know them. A message appears on all screens, which is edited from various presidential addresses, striking fear into the hearts of the people. Farrell recognizes the attack as a fire sale; a three-step systematic attack which targets transportation, financial and utility systems. Bowman tells him it isn't possible, but Malone believes him, pointing out the assassins were professional hitmen. Bowman sends Malone and Farrell to the Department of Homeland Security, and the agents request the route. The grid is then isolated and a woman begins to direct them. Farrell recognizes her voice from when he passed a portion of the security code. Malone speaks to her and then a second person comes on the radio. Referring to himself as Number 1, he narrates as he reads through Malone's profile and records. He offers Malone payment for killing Farrell, but Malone instead insults him as a helicopter arrives and shoots down several government agents. Malone and Farrell escape into a tunnel, but the traffic becomes re-routed  and blocks their way. The lights are also shut off. Malone drives the Homeland Security car up a ramp and into the helicopter, destroying it. 

At the Social Security administration building in Woodlawn, Maryland, several people disguised as Hazmat agents arrive and murder the personnel. They are lead by a woman named Mai, who spoke to Malone on the radio. They hack into the secret server room and begin downloading. Farrell admits to Malone that he did recognize the dead hackers and aided the terrorists, but did not realise what they had meant to do. Malone contacts Bowman and tells him that his men are dead. He and Farrell then watch, along with numerous others, as another message is aired, this time warning about what would happen if the government was disabled, followed by the US Capitol building exploding. Malone runs around the corner and sees that it was a fake. He confirms this with Bowman before they lose their connection. Bowman then has everybody regroup inside of the crisis center, realising that the anthrax scare was also a setup.

Mai and her henchman take over the Eastern Power Hub in West Virginia, planning to cut the power to the Eastern United States. Malone and Farrell head there in another car they steal. They fight off the terrorists and make it to the central control room. As Farrell tries to stop the shut down, Mai fights Malone and kicks him out of a window before forcing Farrell to undo all of his work. Suddenly Malone reappears in an SUV and crashes it into the elevator shaft. Malone and Mai struggle inside as it dangles over the drop and it begins to slip. Malone grabs onto the cable just in time before it plunges into the shaft, taking Mai with it. Number 1 calls for Mai but gets Malone instead, who insults him over Mai's death. Farrell gets a photo of the enraged terrorist before he hangs up and they send it to the FBI. Bowman recognizes him as Thomas Gabriel, who once worked with him. Gabriel was the Department of Defense's chief programmer who became obsessed with proving that the US was vulnerable to a cyber attack. He then shut down NORAD to show it but was publicly humiliated for his troubles and then fired. Gabriel has all gas re-routed to the power station and Malone and Farrell barely escape as it explodes. Most of the Eastern Seaboard loses power, including an elevator with Lucy inside.

Malone commandeers Mai's helicopter and flies it to the house of Frederick Kaludis, aka Warlock, on the advice of Farrell. They visit Warlock in his 'command center' where his webcam is hacked into by Gabriel. Malone silently tells Warlock to trace Gabriel's location while the villain poses as a police man who rings Lucy to rescue her from the elevator. Warlock informs Malone that Gabriel is at Woodlawn. Malone steals Warlock's mother's car to find Gabriel and Farrell follows him, despite Malone's protests. One of Gabriel's henchman retrieves Lucy and brings her to Woodlawn. 

At the FBI HQ, Bowman overhears two of other agents discussing Woodlawn. He demands an explanation and they inform him that Gabriel created Woodlawn to house critical personal and financial data in the case of an attack similar to what Gabriel has done. Gabriel is now able to siphon off billions of dollars undetected. 

Farrell manages to encrypt the laptop the terrorists are using while Malone kills several more of them. Gabriel then captures Farrell and takes him and Lucy to the Hazmat truck and leaves Woodlawn. Malone manages to take over the second truck, carrying a computer lab, by killing the driver and Warlock patches him through to Bowman, enabling Malone to warn him that Gabriel has left Woodlawn. An F-35 passes over and Gabriel tricks the pilot into attacking Malone's truck. After several close calls, Malone escapes from the jet which crashes as the pilot ejects. He then begins to chase the Hamzat truck on foot.

At a warehouse, Farrell once again refuses to decrypt the data and is shot in the knee. Gabriel then threatens to kill Lucy, forcing Farrell to finally begin decrypting the laptop. As the last remaining henchmen prepare for their departure via plane, Malone reappears and shoots most of them, but the final thug shoots him in the shoulder. Gabriel picks up the wounded Malone and tortures him by prodding the wound and taunts him. Suddenly, Malone grabs the gun and forces it into his shoulder and fires, the bullet going straight through his and into Gabriel's chest and piercing his heart. Farrell then shoots the final henchman before he can react. 

As the FBI arrive, Malone and Farrell have their wounds tended to by an ambulance crew. Farrell and Lucy are shown to have a romantic interest in each other, much to Malone's chargrin. The film ends as the ambulances drive them to the hospital.


Ed Harris - Frank Malone

Justin Long - Matt Farrell

Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Lucy Malone

Timothy Olyphant - Thomas Gabriel (Number 1)

Maggie Q - Mai Linh

Cliff Curtis - Miguel Bowman

Kevin Smith - Frederick ' Warlock' Kaludis