A Dog Named Rocky is an upcoming 2019 British-German comedy adventure animated film directed by Damian Duncan.


Rocky (Victoria Beckham) was adopted by a classy family who often ignores her. When the family leaves for vacation, she gets left behind and winds up in Liverpool. In order to find her owners, she is guided by a street dog named Chip (Ricky Gervais) and made new friends. Will Rocky find her family?


  • Victoria Beckham as Rocky, a forgetful pet Beagle.
  • Ricky Gervais as Chip, a stray Beagle.
  • Emily Mortimer as Marionette, a vicious wolf.
  • Sally Hawkins as Ivy Chapman, a wealthy real estate broker.
  • Ruby Barnhill as Poppy Chapman, a small girl and Rocky's owner.
  • Hugh Grant as TBA
  • Julie Walters as TBA
  • Robert Pattinson as TBA
  • Stephen Fry as TBA
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