A Creepy Halloween is an American animated horror franchise.


A Creepy Halloween Movie (2007)

A Creepy Halloween Movie is the first movie in the franchise. It features Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Steven Universe, Gumball Watterson, Lincoln Loud, Lynn Loud, Darwin Watterson, Star Butterfly, Morty Smith going Halloween together. Unfortunately, Rick joins them in the fun and Slenderman, Freddy Fazbear, Jeff the killer, Ben and SCP - 173 have taken a liking in making them suffer. It was a hit. Later it spun off into a short web series that started in 11th July,2009 and ended in 17th September, 2011.

A Creepy Halloween 2 (2014)

Due to Mario dying due to ghosts of Halloween capturing them, Luigi goes to search for them for revenge. Luckily, the Badge family decided to help him sending their dog Courage into the craziness. So they sneak into a party of Beetlejuice, Grim, Jack, Marshal, etc. with Slenderman not being invited. So the two worked with Slenderman to take revenge by ruining their party.

The Creepier Halloween Movie (2017)

A new movie called The Creepier Halloween Movie is in production. It is said it will feature the characters of first film along with a second one with time being messed up by the Creeps.

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