A 40th To Remember is a 2015 American Comedy ensemble film written by Steve Faber & Bob Fisher and directed by Adam Shankman starring Jessica Lange, Meryl Streep, Adam Sandler, Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Tina Fey, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Cameron Palatas, Chris Rock, Regina Hall, Melissa McCarthy, Lucy Punch, Emma Stone, Ed Helms, Andrew Garfield, Miles Teller, Logan Lerman, Amy Poehler, Kat Dennings, Channing Tatum, Chloe Grace Moretz and Will Ferrell.


Walt Murphy (Vince Vaughn) a successful, smooth talking insurance man prepares for his 40th with his beautiful wife Whitney (Jennifer Aniston) and his buddies when their plans are suddenly ruined by the mental breakdown of his delicate social climbing, aristocratic widowed mother Adeline (Meryl Streep).

On the insistance of his persuasive Whitney, Walt packs up and heads to his hometown of Winston, Massachusetts for a family celebration of his final milestone birthday.

The guest list increases however with Walt's younger drinking bud Royce (Channing Tatum), a work colleague of his and secretly an on the side male prostitute tagging along.

Walt, Whitney and Royce are also forced to pick up Walt and Whitney's four incredibly troubled kids: Kimberley (Emma Stone) who is on the rebound, Sebastian (Andrew Garfield) who plans to sabotage the celebration, Weylin (Logan Lerman) their genius son who is dealing with the scandal of an obsessed teacher Kendall Turner (Lucy Punch), Eduardo (Miles Teller) Walt's estranged sober son who is dying to scratch an old itch and Julia (Kat Dennings) their dry witted, sarcastic vulgar mouthed punk daughter.

Further complications arise as the news of another family joining the Murphy's for Walt's 40th dinner is announced as the Chestlewell's as Walt's longtime, former high school bestfriend turned rival Rochester Chestlewell (Owen Wilson) plans to announce his engagement with Walt's sister Janet (Kristen Wiig) and has his 18 year old, do-good virgin son Elliot (Cameron Palatas) and passive aggressive daughter Fiona (Chloe Grace Moretz) accompany him to the Winston Murphy homestead. 

On the other spectrum of the night's unwelcome guests is barred Aunt Irene Murphy (Jessica Lange) who gatecrashes the birthday dinner and spends her night exposing the troubled youths: in particular the suppressed Chestlewell kids to the magic of liquor as well as her own devilish concoctions.

Whitney Murphy's drug dealing, obnoxious, perverted brother Thomas 'Tomohawk' Watson gatecrashes to try and initially destroy his sister and Walt's marriage out of strong dislike of Walt but then comes to try and win him over, things take a turn for the worst in that department as Thomas ultimately lets the youth in his mixed hash stash which results in Eduardo, Sebastian and Weylin drugging the goodie two-shoes Elliot resulting in him going wild.

Adoptive brother Rochester Murphy (Chris Rock) comes to the Murphy homestead with his unintroduced wife Lyla Workman (Regina Hall) and their three young noisy wrecker children.

Finally joining along the other Murphy sisters Dayla (Melissa McCarthy) and Lana (Tina Fey), Dayla a whitetrash belly dancer and Lana a snobbish t.v network producer finding little joy out of life.

What follows is a family feud of epic proportions, mishaps galore, tensions bubbling to the surface and truths that shock the two families to their core.


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