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ATM 2: Attack at mini-mart is a 2014 American horror film. Unlike the first film, the attack now happens at a mini-mart.


Six friends are at a mini-mart but one of them named Dylan (Noah Seagen) is trapped in a ATM. This because they're being stalked by a hooded man (Mike O'Brian).


The film starts with a new report about the arrest of David Hargrove (Brian Geraghty), a stockbroker framed for the murder of his girlfriend (Alice Eve) and their best friend (Josh Peck). However, he confess the truth about a killer in a parka coat and claims that the camera was the reason that the killer couldn't get in. Now the police are after a suspect in a parka coat.

However, the killer finds out about the police pursuit and leaves his hideout. (the titles "ATM 2: Attack at mini mart" appear)

2 years later at Starkweather college, Dylan is still saddened that David was framed for murder but he is comforted by his classmate Paul (Rusty Kelley). They have senior prom coming up and Dylan is too nervous to ask out Mitchell (Katrina Bowden) because it's her last day. He is recently bullied by his rival Jeremy (Marc Senter), Mitchell's boyfriend. He is sent to the principal's office where Jerry (Donal Logue) is now principal and blames Dylan for the fight. Jennifer (Danielle Harris) has a crush on Dylan and wants to go with him to prom.

In science class, Dylan and Paul starts dissecting frogs and talking about chicks. They are usually sharing jokes with Dylan's cousin Mark (Dave Franco) and his lab partner Josh (Devon Bostick).

At night, Dylan leaves a restaurant and stats walking home. However, he sees Mark getting killed by a hooded man and goes to catch the killer but only to find out it was prank by Mark and Josh, much to Dylan's annoyance. Mark still thanks Dylan for wanting to save him.

The next day, Mark and Jennifer talk about Dylan's suspicion about a hooded man but the security guard Dan (Wentworth Miller) wants them to hurry up to class. Mark tells Jennifer that he wants her to date Dylan. They see that Dylan plans to ask Mitchell out during prom and give sympathy about what might happen.

At prom, Mark and Josh are having conversations with Flint Hudson (James McAvoy), Darnyl (Doug Haley), John (Kieran Culkin), Ronnie (Rory Culkin), Fridge (King Bach), and Sleckback (Katt Williams) by telling them a story which Sleckback is selfishly interrupting with sexist remarks, much to their disgust. Meanwhile, a popular girl named Karen (Samara Weaving) is prom queen but is complaining about Jerry disliking Dylan, who is been given prom king status due to getting a free ride because of his brother. An irritated Jerry just slaps her, much to Dylan's anger, disgust, and annoyance. Dylan finally asks Mitchell out but she laughs at him and calls him an idiot. Jeremy than taunts him about Mitchell, provoking a fight between them. During the fight, Jennifer tries to stop it but Dylan accidentally yells at her, causing her to run out crying. Jerry sees the fight but blames Dylan and kicks him out while an angry Karen slaps Jeremy and calls Mitchell out for her actions. Outside the prom, he angrily throws his jacket towards the entrance but is slapped by Mark, who scolds him for how he treated Jennifer and breaking her heart. Guilt-ridden and wanting to make it up to her, he texts an invite to Jennifer, Flint, Paul, and Josh for Mark to drive them to his house so they can leave prom. He gets a replay saying, "F**K YEAH!" Then he sees Mark holding car keys and they go towards his car.

On the road, Mark is driving while Josh sits shotgun and the others are in the back. Dylan doesn't say a word because of his previous outburst towards Jennifer, who is just glaring at him while Paul nervously looks on. Mark and Josh smirk at the drama while having fun throwing a broken bottle on the street and causing an angry driver's tires to slash. The driver is revealed to be a p****d off Jeremy who shouts, "This isn't over." They go to a gas station and get gasoline but they don't have enough money for pizza or any other restaurant so Mark decides to use an ATM. However, Dylan is against the idea because of three years ago but an angry Jennifer forces him to accept it.

At Lakewells, things have change. The mini-mart is now big enough for 30 people and the ATM has finally got two of the machines running now. When they park, they decide that in order for Dylan to make it up to Jennifer, he has to go to the ATM alone and get money. A determined Dylan just gets out and goes to it while they hear him muttering, "For Jennifer." He gets inside and goes to get money but they see him getting angry. When they talk on the walkie talkie, he angrily asks why didn't they tell him that Mark's card is not working and Josh's card is expired. Showing sympathy, Paul decides to go in there while the others park near the store and go in there to watch this. Paul helps Dylan get some money out of the ATM but as soon as they were about to leave, they stop and see a hooded man. The others don't know why the man is scary but they see Luke looking at the guy. The hooded man walks towards him and knocks him to the ground before snapping his neck. They try to call the police but there's a few problems: Dylan's phone is dead, Paul's phone is in the principal's office, Flint's phone was taken by his parents, Jennifer's phone is in the car, Mark's phone got dropped at the prom, and Josh's phone got jacked last week.

Two hours later, the group are trying to figure out who he is or how to get out of this situation. Dylan thinks this is the guy who framed David while the others agree and now believe David's story. Dylan decides to use the ATM's cameras to talk about what's going on and wonders if anybody will come and save them. Dylan tries to run to the car but the wires have been cut. However, he finds Jennifer's phone but when he runs away from the killer, he accidentally drops it and Jennifer ends up being with them. They inform Mark that the wires have been cut, much to his anger. Trying to attract assistance, Jennifer draws a S.O.S. sign on the window booth. A nearby security car comes by and notices the message. When it stops, Christian comes out and is about to help but sees Luke's dead body and tries to call for help only to get hit in from behind with a golf stick.

Back in the mini-mart, Mark and Josh are getting nervous but they see a man come by and enter the store. Josh just garrotes him only to find it's Jerry. Josh takes off his jacket to warm Mark up but Mark goes outside to confront the killer only for his to be disfigured by a sledgehammer. Josh goes outside to help but only to be bashed in the head by the sledgehammer. Mark then crawls in fear but is also hit with the sledgehammer. A scared Paul tires to leave but the killer throws a surgical knife at his pelvis, causing him to start dying. Dylan, Jennifer, and Flint take care of him.

A few minutes later, Karen and Ronnie arrive and decide to make out in the mini-mart, not caring about Jerry's body. However, the killer sneaks in and separates them. In one room, Karen sees the walkie-talkie and starts talking seductively to Dylan, who is blushing while Jennifer is jealous. However, the killer grabs and impales her on store antlers. When Ronnie walks in, he is horrified and tries to call for help but is stabbed in the back with an axe and when he's on the ground, his head is bisected by the axe.

While trying to find ways to escape, John arrives and gets their attention. Flint goes outside to warn him of the killed but he is stabbed from behind with a knife and John is hit with a fire extinguisher by Jeremy, who then bashes the latter's head in. The horrified witnesses don't let Jeremy in and believe that he's the killer but then they see that Paul has died of shock and blood loss. The now only two people wait until the killer is gone and take Flint to the mini-mart. Sleckback arrives to take Jennifer with him but Jennifer fights back and beats him with a knuckle buster.

In the mini-mart, a dying Flint requests to have his story sold and they agree but he dies of his wound. They start to mourn over their friends but are interrupted when Mitchell arrives and demands to be let in. However, Dylan refuses because of what Jeremy did but they see the killer putting chains on her neck and then breaking it. Believing they will die, they reconcile and share a kiss but are attacked by Jeremy, who stabs Jennifer in the back of the stomach. When Dylan and Jeremy fight, Jeremy stabs Dylan's hip with a pocket knife but Dylan manages to defeat him and slams Jeremy's head on a pen, impaling the right eye and avenging the deaths of Flint and John. However, Dylan finds out the killer is still alive but decides to fight him. Before he does, he believes that Jennifer is dead and starts mourning over her body.

Outside, Dylan and the killer fight but Dylan manages to rip the mask off and it's revealed to be Dan, who reveals that he was the witness of a massacre but became the killer of another massacre and went on a killing spree ever since. Enraged by his actions, he fights him until he manages to get to a car. However, Dan just ditches the parka and dons his ski mask but Dylan distracts him and rams a car into Dan just to trap him in the ATM. Using a Molotov bottle and a lighter while fire works are in there, he throws the burning bottle at the ATM and it burns Dan before it explodes, killing the killer once and for all. An injured Dylan goes into the mini-mart and lays down next to Jennifer as they both pass out from blood loss.

In the morning, 911 professionals arrive at the scene and investigate the crime scene while the firefighters are putting out the fire and ambulances are taking the bodies away. While they are working, Jennifer is alive and actually manage to hold the bleeding, much to Dylan's relief before he goes to sleep. They also see video evidence of the events and find out that David was telling the truth about the killer, clearing David's name. Unknown to them, a mysterious man watches but decides to let David and Jennider go since he respects them for surviving. He then leaves among the crowd to avoid detection.

In the hospital, David visits Dylan and Jennifer, feeling relieved and happy that they survived.


  • Noah Segan as Dylan Hargrove - David's younger brother. Suit: white shirt, black tie, black pants, and black shoes. He left his black suit jacket at the front entrance of the college building.
  • Katrina Bowden as Mitchell - Dylan's ex love-interest.
  • Dave Franco as Mark - Dylan's cousin. Suit: tuxedo outfit and white shoes but no jacket.
  • Devon Bostick as Josh - Mark's lab partner. Suit: Bangkok casual suit.
  • Danielle Harris as Jennifer
  • Marc Senter as Jeremy - The most feared bully in the city. Suit: black shirt, white pants, black and white stripped tie, red jacket, and brown shows.
  • Rusty Kelley as Paul - Suit: tuxedo with a light blue jacket.
  • James McAvoy as Flint - A honorable student wanting to become a writer.
  • Wentworth Miller as Dan/The Killer - A serial killer who was a witness to a massacre but became the serial killer of a second massacre. Ever since then, he starts killing people. Suit: black suit, black shirt, blue tie with silk pocket square, black parka goat, sunglasses, and black shoes.
  • Brian Geraghty as David Hargrove - Dylan's older brother from the first film.
  • Omar Khan as Christian - Former stockbroker turned GAMA resort security and David's former colleague. Suit: GAMA resort security suit.
  • Bryan Clark as Jerry - Former stockbroker turned principal and David's former colleague. Suit: white shirt, grey jacket, yellow tie, grey pants, and brown shoes.
  • Daniel De Jaeger as Luke - Stockbroker and David's former colleague.
  • Rory Culkin as John - The prom king who arrives to take Dylan and the others back to prom. Suit: white shirt, red tie, white buttoned jacket, white pants, and black shoes.


  • Dylan - Passes out from blood loss and taken to hospital.
  • Jennifer - Taken to hospital. She was actually unconscious after being stabbed.
  • David - Gets released from jail and visits Dylan in the hospital.
  • Police - Sees video evidence of the events.


  • Luke - Beaten up and neck snapped.
  • Christian - Hit in from behind with a baton.
  • Jerry - Accidentally garroted by Josh.
  • Josh - Bludgeoned with a sledgehammer.
  • Mark - Hand disfigured with a sledgehammer which also bludgeons him to death.
  • Karen - Impaled on some store antlers.
  • Ronnie - Stabbed in the back with axe and then head is bisected with it.
  • John - Head bashed several times with fire extinguisher by Jeremy.
  • Paul - Dies of shock and blood loss after being stabbed in the pelvis with a surgical knife.
  • Sleckback - Beaten to death with a knuckle buster by Jennifer.
  • Flint - Dies of his stab wound after having been stabbed from behind with a knife by Jeremy.
  • Mitchell - Neck broken with chains.
  • Jeremy - Eye impaled with a pen after he gets head slammed on it by Dylan in self-defense.
  • Dan - Burned alive after Dylan throws a Molotov at the ATM that has been filled with fireworks.


(Dylan runs to Mark's car and gets inside)

  • Dylan: (smirking) "Bye-bye you b*****d. (he then uses the keys to start the car but it won't start) What the f**k? (he then sees the wires have been cut) S**t! The f**king wires have been cut. D****t. (he then sees Jennifer's phone) Yes."

(he then dials 911 but is forced out of the car by the killer, who chases him. During the running, Dylan accidentally drops Jennifer's phone)

T.V. Tropes

  • Bittersweet Ending: The killer is finally dead, David's name is cleared of all charges, and Dylan is finally safe in the hospital with his girlfriend Jennifer but still their friends are dead and there's another mysterious person watching from the shadows who will most likely do the same thing that happened in the movie.