ATM 2 is a flim coming out May 15th starring Christian Hall, Nicole Peltz, Max Theroit, Chole Grace Mortez and Josh Hutcherson. This movie is from Earth Prime.


After five friends leave a wedding reciption they go to stay the night at the groom's mansion finding themselves in a dangerous game with the killer who stalks ATM's but he is now home.


Five friends Dylan,Jamie,Kristin,Josh and Kayla leave Kayla and Josh's wedding reception and go to their mansion in the woods. They party and drink and at midnight they all jump in the trampoline except for Josh and Jamie. Jamie goes upstairs and goes to sleep while Josh runs off in the woods. Kayla notices a figure with a hooded jacket on standing by a ditch nereby watching them and thinks it's Josh and calls for them and tells the others that Josh is there.

The figure walks to them and he has a an axe in his hands and he walks around the trampoline with the axe trapping them inside the trampoline. The figure then go's back to the ditch and lets out his bloodhound who guards the trampoline while the figure goes inside. Kayla yells for Josh and Jamie to hide but they don't respond and they see the lights go off in the mansion. Meanwhile Jamie is hiding in the closet and he hears the figure walking around upstairs and he hears him and the figure finds him when Jamie's phone starts ringing.

The figure and Jamie fight with Jamie running into the basement where he finds underground rooms and hides in one of them. At the trampoline the killer sends Kayla a picture of her dead boyfriend in the woods and she cries and the figure comes back outside with the phone in his hands. The killer smashes all their phones and goes into the woods and with the bloodhound staying behind. Dylan, Kayla and Kristin figure out away to distract the dog and they say that they have to run for it but Dylan says he will run the dog off in a diffrent part of the woods.

Dylan unzips the trampoline screen and get's out of the trampoline and makes a lot of noises and runs into the woods while Kayla and Kristin run inside. Kayla and Kristin start looking for Jamie and don't find him and when they come down the steps and the figure sees them and they run into the basement with Kayla locking it. Meanwhile Dylan lost the dog and he walks back to the mansion but finds a trapdoor in the ground and goes in there, a few seconds later the figure does also.

Dylan is walking through a tunnel and he hears footsteps behind him and he sees the figure running at him and Dylan finds rooms in the tunnel and hides in there with Jamie. They find another tunnel through a painting and run through that and into the rooms where Kayla and Kristin went at. They walk into a room and hide and Kayla appers out of nowhere and almost stabs Jamie with an axe. They tell each other what happend to them and the figure comes in through the closet and they run into the hallway with Kristin and Jamie running into the tunnel and Kayla and Dylan down the hallway, where the figure chases them but they envetully lose him and hide in the kitchen.

Dylan makes it out of the room but Kayla doesn't and hides behind the island where the figure finds her but she runs outside with Dylan and they hop into the limo they came with and realise that Josh has the keys. The figure comes out with a chainsaw and chainsaws the car up and flips it over. Kayla and Dylan get out of it and runs into the woods. Meanwhile Kristin and Jamie made it back to the mansion and there arguing about whether Josh is dead or not and Kristin sees a phone in the trampoline and hops in and Jamie follows.

Kristin shows him the picture and they're about to leave when the dog has come back and the figure is standing there watching them. He throws a gun and a long piece of rope into the trampoline and tapped to the gun is a note that says one of you have to kill the other in order to leave. Kristin and Jamie grab the gun at the same time and fight with Kristin shooting Jamie in the head but he's still alive and when Kristin is yelling at the figure Jamie shoots Kristin in the back of the head and they both die.

The dog chases Kayla and Dylan back to the mansion and they kill him with furnature outside of the mansion and cry when they find Jamie and Kristin's dead bodies. Kayla and Dylan run into the mansion and go into Josh's room to see if there's an extra gun and when there not looking Dylan hears Kayla cry out and turns around just as a poison dart stabs him in the neck by the figure and he looks into his eyes and reconizes him.

They wake up and there in the trampoline with the same note, gun and rope. Josh is standing there with the axe the hood is not on him. He revels that he's the one who was doing this and that he faked his death and made Jamie and Kristin kill each other. He revels that he's the ATM and Mini Mart killer that he did it as a hobby. Kayla throws her ring at Josh and Josh walks away and Kayla and Dylan tells Josh that they're not going to kill each other.

While Josh isn't looking Dylan and Kayla sneak out of the trampoline and fight Josh and Dylan puts his head into to the barbecue grill with Kayla slamming it knocking out Josh. They find the road and walk back to the highway where a car picks them up and it's David from the last flim and the flim ends with Kayla looking back and seeing the familair parka that Josh had on. He then glares at a smirking David and just watches as they leave.


Christian Hall as Dylan

Nicoa Peltz as Kayla

Max Theriot as Jamie

Chole Grace Mortez as Kristin

Josh Hutcherson as Josh


Jamie-shot in the head by Kristin

Kristin-shot in the head by Jamie

Josh-head chopped off by Kayla   

Rated R for some sexual content, brief nudity, language and disturbing images

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