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  • Hoplite.

Basic infantry. A spear man.

  • Toxotes

Basic archer/ranged unit. A bowman.

  • Hippikon

Basic Calvary swords man on white horses.

  • Hypaspist.

Swordsmen. Trainable as counter infantry at Heroic age.

  • Peltast.

Javelin throwers. Trainable as counter archers at Heroic age.

  • Promodos.

Advanced Calvary. Trainable as counter Calvary at Heroic age.

  • Myrmidon.

Fortress Infantry. Swordsman. Trainable only If Zeus is your Major god.

  • Gastraphetes.

Fortress archers. They have big crossbows. Trainable only if Hades is your major god.

  • Hetairoi.

Fortress Calvary. Same as other Calvary but stronger. Trainable only if Poseidon is your major god.

  • Villager.

Basic builder and gathers. Send them to pray at temples to get favour.

  • Petrobolos

Greek Catapult. Same as Egyptian ones... siege unit.

  • Helepolis.

A siege tower but with ballista bolts to attack with range rather than the close ranged Egypt ones.

  • Trireme.

Arrow ships.

  • Pentekonta.

Hammer ships.

  • Juggernaut.

It’s the Juggernaut, bitch! Greek siege ship.

  • Mirror ships.

Attacks with deadly sunbeams like the Petsuchos myth unit.

  • Heracles/Hercules.

Incredibly strong. Son of Zeus. He valiantly completed twelve thought to be impossible labours. Strangled two snakes when he was just a baby. And murdered his music teacher and got away with it. Hero unit.

  • Jason

Argonaut and kills anyone he finds at camp Crystal Lake every Friday the 13th. Rode on the Argo and found the Golden Fleece. Hero unit.

  • Theseus

Killed the minotaur then dumped his love interest on an island stranding her, is that how you repay her for helping you?! Then he forgot to change his sails so his father thinking he died threw himself into the sea. Hero unit.

  • Perseus.

Killed Medusa and Cetus the sea monster. Stars in Ray Harryhausen movies with plasticine monsters. Married Andronema. Hero unit. Has a sword and Medusa’s head. Petrifies myth units. He went on a quest to kill Medusa because an evil King offered him and his mother shelter but wanted him to do a heroic, impossible deed in return. The wicked king assumed he’d fail and die horribly. Leaving him free to shag Perseus’s mother. But Perseus returned alive and turned the king into stone and rescued his mother. Awwwww!

  • Ullysses/Odysseus.

Blinded a cyclops and went on an odyssey. Also helped fight Troy and rescue Helen. Hero unit.

  • Achilles

Indestructible except if you shoot his ankle/heel. Tried to fight a sentient river! Fought at Troy and killed Paris. After he died Ajax and Ody both wanted his armour. Hero unit.

  • Bellerophon

Rides Pegasus and killed the chimera. Tried to visit mount Olympus but Zeus said no and threw him across Greece. Hero unit.

  • Ajax. Fought at Troy and advertises Ajax cleaning products because it’s named after him, and there’s a British football team named him too! He also committed suicide after killing some sheep because Odysseus got to have Achilles’s armour. Hero unit that’s loud mouthed in the Fall of Trident story.
  • Hippolyta.

Amazon Queen. Heracles stole her belt. Hero unit.

  • Atalanta. Runs extremely fast when moving which looks quite hilarious in game. She got turned into a lion for shagging her husband in Artemis’s temple.
  • Polyphemus.

Cyclops with a club who was blinded by Odysseus. Stumbles about blind because well he had his eye poked out... In some Arabic stories Sinbad blinded him instead.

  • The Argo.

A talking ship. And yeah the Greeks came up with talking ships before the King of Red Lions Nintendo... It was crafted from a talking tree....

  • Chiron.

A centaur who was a teacher of famous Greek heroes like Heracles. He regularly teached young Greek boys on how to slay monsters and rescue maidens. And he didn’t get exiled by stupidly hostile human hating centaurs like the ones in Harry Potter.

However he didn’t endow himself to human society very well as he shat horse manure everywhere and Heracles accidentally shot him with an arrow dipped in Hydra venom. In ceaseless agony he asked Zeus to let him die. Zeus turned him into the constellation Sagittarius. Hero unit.

  • Circe.

Evil sorceress that turns men to pigs. She also turned Scylla into a monster.

  • Gargarensis.

Evil cyclops with a trident. The antagonist of the Fall of Trident campaign.

  • Arkantos.

Hero of theFall of Trident story. He went on quest because Athena visited him in a dream and told him to. Becomes a god and lives happily ever after.

  • Kastor.

Artantos’s son. Hero of the New Atlantis storyline.

  • Hippocrates.

The very first doctor. The Hippocratic oath is named after him. Heals other units.

  • Archimedes.

An Ancient Greek scientist who made cool things like mirrors that focus sunlight into deadly lasers!!

  • Saffron

A cute friendly little cyclops with a horn on his head.

  • Oscar.

A young boy who fights monsters, cracks media references and jokes no one understands and shamelessly rips off the a Legend of Zelda.


  • Spear man. Infantry.
  • Axe man. Counter infantry.
  • Sling man. Ranged unit.
  • Khopesh swordsman. Infantry with swords.
  • Chariot archer. Mounted archer.
  • Camel rider. Calvary.
  • War elephants. Elephaaaaaaaants! Living siege unit.
  • Medjai. Foreign mercenaries ie Nubians. Dies after a short while but cheap and trains fast.
  • Pharoah. The king.
  • Priests. Hero units.
  • Slaves and citizens. Building and gatherers. Slaves can only build and have a slave master whipping them constantly.
  • Slave master. Whips slaves.
  • Scribe. Carries a stone tablet around.
  • Catapult. Same as Greek catapult/Petrobolos. Siege unit.
  • Siege tower. Uses a battering ram rather than ballista of the Greek helepolis.
  • Boats with eyes!!. The usual arrow, hammer and siege vessels, but Egyptians liked painting eyes on the front... They also had to be flame proof and able to carry small stars and other stellar objects.
  • Amanra. A fierce warrior lady from the fall of Trident campaign. Snarky and sarcastic but has a strong sense of justice.
  • Setna. A priest who helps you resurrect Osiris.
  • Kamos. A minotaur pirate.
  • Kemsyt. A typical slimy bearded desert thug with a scimitar and obviously evil...
  • Imhotep. An evil priest who murdered the pharaoh Seti. He was mummified alive and put in a coffin full of flesh eating scarabs. However people keep resurrecting him and he comes back as a powerful sorcerer!
  • Tutenkhamun. A young pharaoh who died very young.
  • Akhenaten. A blasphemous pharaoh who got rid of the gods and asked everyone to worship Aten, a sun god he made up. Obviously he got assassinated...
  • Atem/Yami Yugi. Stupid haired pharaoh and plays magic card games with magic monster summoning.
  • Rameses. Biblical pharaoh who would not let Moses and his people go!
  • Cleopatra. Queen who loved a Roman then killed herself by letting a deadly snake bite her.
  • Osiris. The dead god of the dead. You have to bring him back to clear the Egyptian chapter of the game.
  • Sutekh. Or Set, an evil god.
  • Zorc Necrophades. A powerful dark god with a dragon penis!
  • Tutenstein. Another very young pharaoh who died when he was young, The cute little undead main character of the cartoon Tutenstein.


  • Ulfsarks. Men in wolf skins. Bear skin soldiers were called Bersarks or berserkers. Strangely the Norse civilisation has your soldiers build and your villagers, called gathers, only gather resources. Infantry.
  • Hersirs. Hero unit. White beards and big war hammers. The game randomly generates funny names for them.
  • Throwing axemen. They throw axes... Ranged unit and your only ranged unit until the expansion gives your archers.
  • Bogsviegr. Archer.
  • Huskarl. Typical Vikings. The guys you see with round shields and swords and helmets in books are these guys. Counter infantry for countering archers.
  • Raiding Calvary. Calvary.
  • Jarl. The village chief. The leader. The boss man.
  • Cartoon Vikings with valley girl pigtails and horned helmets. Hinger dinger durgen!
  • Gatherer. Villagers. Strangely you can only gather resources with them. Soldiers build.
  • Dwarves. Gatherers but they gather gold very quickly.
  • Portable Ram. Men carrying a ram. Siege weapon.
  • Ballista. A giant crossbow on wheels but with much bigger bolts.
  • Long boats, Dragon Boats, Drakka. Viking boats are all thing dragon related with dragon heads on the front.
  • Brokk. A dwarf with a deep voice. The older brother of Etri.
  • Etri. A dwarf with a high pitched voice. The younger brother of Brokk.
  • Skult. A two faced sorcerer who tricks you and laughs maniacally a lot.
  • Folstag. A giant who eats cattle and smashes up villages.
  • Reginleif. A Valkyrie hero. Helps you after Skult reveals his true colours...
  • Erik the red. A Viking chief. Famous because of his son Leif Erikkson.
  • Leif Eriksson. Discovered America!
  • Brumhilda. The fat opera singer with the cartoon Viking helmet.
  • Loki’s mask. Causes people to become green faced maniacs with phenomenal cosmic powers!


  • Murmilo. Basic infantry.
  • Contarius. Basic Calvary.
  • Arcus. Basic Archer.
  • Katapeltes. Counter Calvary infantry with maces.
  • Turma. Archer Calvary.
  • Cheiroballistae. Miniature ballista carriers that counter infantry and can be used to siege.
  • Destroyer. Palace infantry. Also deadly to enemy buildings.
  • Fanantic. Palace infantry. Crazy blood warriors with swords.
  • Fire siphon. A flamethrower tank! Siege unit.
  • Onager. A type of catapult with the arms of a ballista. Fires two shots at once.
  • Ships. Your usual arrow, hammer and siege but with flamethrower ships for Siege.
  • Citizen. Your villagers. The donkey cart can carry infinite resource so they don’t have to return to town or build a drop off point.
  • Oracle. Your scout.
  • Krios. An evil flying creature who deceived Kastor and tricked him into helping free Kronos and the titans.
  • Plato. Philosopher who wrote about Atlantis.

They probably had kings with names like Triton or Neptune and they evolved into merfolk to survive when Atlantis sunk. Although they worshipped the Greek titans as gods they had their own language. They were also incredibly advanced in technology and had flamethrowers and radioactivity.


  • Halberder. Infantry.
  • Chu Ko nu. Archer.
  • Mounted archer. Calvary archer.
  • Cantaphract. Heavy archer. Sort of like Greek Promodos.
  • Generals. Aka Khans. Horse back unit.
  • Fire lancer. Primitive rocket launchers.
  • War Chariots. Elite Calvary.
  • Sitting tiger. A trebuchet. Siege unit.
  • Peasant. Villagers.
  • Immortal. Town trained hero unit.
  • Monk. Temple trained hero unit.
  • Emperor. The emperor duh!
  • Genghis Khan. Mongolian warlord. When mentioned Oscar just has to scream “Khaaaaaaaaaaan!”
  • Shun and Zhi. The playable heroes in the Chinese campaign.
  • Cymbal hat men! Arrrllll! Vely lacist! Infantry.
  • Qing dynasty Chink. Stealth unit. Run and gun unit basically. Drop in base like Starcraft Hellions to disrupt while you build up your main army.



  • Knight. Elite infantry.


  • Samurai. Infantry.