The Lost City is a 2010 3D animated film that was released by Walt Disney Pictures.




In March 2006, production of the film was shooting for the film.


The films official soundtrack was released on June 7, 2010 by Walt Disney Records. Two songs that never made it into the film inculding "6/8 Intro" and then "Don't Let Go" by Bryan Adams.


  • Disney release two films a year in 2010, he previously released two films in 2002 were Lilo & Stitch and Treasure Planet.
  • Originally, the film was going to be 50's, but the film went to 90's because the idea was corrected into the setting of the film.
  • Some fans and audiences along with test animation thought that Mufasa was Thor as a God because according to James Earl Jones, his character was fascinating and stunning, but powerful and brave.
  • African vocals and Mayan singers went into the films soundtrack to sing the vocals of the score with the background chrous.
  • Helga was originally going to die by falling, but directors had to rewritten that Helga survived the fall but a little bit injuried.
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