ABC of Death 3: The Beginning is a anthology horror-comedy film

ABC of Death 3: The Beginning
Directed by Sandra Hanna
Produced by Morgian
Written by Morgian
Music by Morgian
Studio Liongate
Warner Bros
Walt Disney
Starring Bella Sana
Elizabeth Banks
Matthew Broderick
Release date(s) December 24/2016
Running time 211
Country American
Language English/French
Box Office 1998
stars Bella Sana, Elizabeth Banks, Matthew Broderick, Danielle Romualdez, Morgian, Sandra Hanna, Danny Glover, Danielle Panabaker, Juan Pancake, Young Otis, Mariana Hill, Connor Gibbs with Shawnee Smith and Andrea Unrold


A- Mariana are dead but it possession by a ghost
B- Elizabeth and Morgan commit Naniel to died
C- Hanna and Nanielle are trapped in a chamber
D- CCTV guard a evil ghost will kill the guards
E- Part 2 of the Evil Ghost
F- a little boy scare in a toilet that eat her
G- a young old lady have her owner dog but it murder
H- Bald boy is a very deadly of a person who bald  I- Belle play Minecraft but she commit suicide    G- Barbara will now kill her son                  K- letter search for a reaches for a burning sun  L- Nothing to do but she died                    
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