99 Problems is an Academy Award Winning 1996 American War Drama Movie written by Ivan Raimi & Sam Raimi directed by Sam Raimi.

It secured an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and concerns six brave soldiers out of a 10 solider platoon whom defy all odds to save the life of an abducted Vietnamese boy during the Vietnam war of 1967.

The film stars Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, Joel Edgerton, Elizabeth Banks, Joaquin Phoenix, Hilary Swank, Natasha Leggero, Jemaine Clement, Donald Faison, Kevin Connolly, Andrew Robinson, Michael York & Bob Hoskins.

Christian Bale's character in the film though in a weird motion picture twist is that of a deceased individual appearing to Leonardo DiCaprio's character as a hallucination.


It is April the 10th 1967 and a platoon of ten American soldiers have been dispatched to the jungles of Ecuador concerning the discovering of a possible Viet Cong settlement.

Upon arrival they meet up with an American Dispatch Nurse named Hailey Charleston whom states that there is no stoway Vietnamese in the region just injured native Ecuadorians she had been dispatched to tend to.

The Platoon's sergeant and two corporal brothers however lead the platoon to a secret Vietnamese village set up and a massacre ensues which six of the 10 platoon soldiers stay out of.

The six try to argue towards the Sergeant and his two brother corporals that they weren't involved in the Vietnamese Cong but rather innocent Vietnamese Immigrant Civilians who posed no threat.

The Sergeant argues against them and as they turn their backs he orders the other remaining four soldiers to have them killed that night.

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