7D: Twist Throught Time is the 1st 7D Movie.


When the Glooms Mess Up Time, So The 7D Will Fix Time.

Time Date

  1. 1643 (Today in Jollywood)
  2. 1670 (Future of the 7D, & the Adulthood of Snow White)
  3. 1700 (1st British Discover & Expole a New World Called "Untied States of America")
  4. 2014 (the New Future of Jollywood)
  5. 2056 (Mobians Being Citizens)
  6. 2069 (Dr.Eggman Rebuild The Empire of His)


The 7D intro.

Shine: 7D?!?!?!?! I HATE 7D!!!!!! I WILL GO INTO THE TV 5554000

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