7.5 is the first episode of the twelfth and final season the American police procedural television series Hartman. It is the series' season premiere and second 60 minute special after 200th episode.


When a earthquake strike at the city of Los Angeles, the MCS find themselves working with first responders to help with disaster relief. The D.A. finds themselves separated with half of them trapped in City Hall and one of them in dangerous condition. As both teams try to make their way through the disaster to their families, secrets are revealed, relationships are tested and the City of Angels will never be the same again.


Three weeks after the previous season's finale. Hartman and her family go out to restaurant to cheer up Daniel, who is still struggling with his mother's death. However, their plan backfires when Daniel upsets some children by ominously telling them that their parents can die at any moment. At the same time, while speaking to her son who is staying at his grandparents's house over the phone, Shane gets distracted by an argument between Chess and Lowry after Chess catches Lowry drinking on the job. Meanwhile, Ramsay and Greico discuss their pregnancy while shopping at a supermarket with Levi, but they soon bump into Vargas and Delgado. Greico takes the time to give Vargas some advices about normal relationships. And Boscorelli and Everett arrive at LAX airport to investigate an 'incident' and attempt to comfort a distressed man (Anthony Edwards), but then he attacks a security guard and runs away, with Boscorelli and Everett in pursuit.

A minute later, a 7.5 earthquake violently shakes the entire city of Los Angeles. After, three minutes, the quake stops, but the devastation around the city has been done. Shortly after, in the restaurant, Hartman and Max rushed to help injured people as Jack, Lauren, Taylor and Marlene take the children to safety. In the D.A.'s office at City Hall, Chess, Shane and Lowry are trapped in their office. They find the doors are blocked by the damage and are unable open the window. Lowry then collapses in agony. Shane and Chess try to comfort an unwell and upset Lowry who complains about his stomach before he suddenly vomits blood. Meanwhile, Jack runs into the street, attempts to help anybody and then gets attention by Boscorelli, who is calling for help after Everett got trapped under of a car while chasing the suspect. With the help of two police officers, Jack and Boscorelli attempts to get Everett out, but the latter starts to panic about fuel leaking from a nearby gas station.

In the supermarket, Ramsay tries to comfort his upset wife while Vargas and Delgado rush into the street to finding a missing Levi. Vargas finds Levi underneath a half-collapsed shelf outside of a building shop, while Jack and Boscorelli quickly pull Everett out of the car and carry him to safety as it explodes. Later, Hartman meets up with Jack, Vargas, Delgaldo, Ramsay and Boscorelli at the hospital where Everett, Levi and Greico are being checked over. Hartman talks with her detectives about the situation until Barrera arrives and explain reveals the calls from Dekker and Castillo that Shane, Chess and Lowry are trapped in D.A's office and Lowry has been taking ill. 

At the office, Shane and Chess try to comfort Lowry. As Shane tries to get Lowry to eat, Chess realizes that the reason of Lowry's ailment because he has been drinking more than eating and then the stress from the earthquake make the pain on his stomach worse. Lowry breaks down and admits that he and his husband Percy have recently separated and begs Shane to tell Percy that he is sorry for everything if he dies. Then, Hartman, Vargas and Dr. Abby Lambert arrive outside of the D.A.'s office where they witness an argument between Finn and the firefighters. Dekker and Castillo explain the full situation and risks over Shane, Chess and Lowry's safety. Hour later, the governor declares a state of emergency, advising people to stay at home until emergency services give the all clear. Hannah and Nancy arrive at Hartman's house as Max gives them instructions and Taylor agrees to help out with the children, Lauren and Marlene. As Max leave, Nancy and Taylor awkwardly confront each other about their kiss. When Taylor starts to confess his feelings, their conversation is interrupted by Marlene. 

At MCS HQ, the chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department, Robert Bellucci (Sylvester Stallone) explains to Hartman, Dekker and Finn that the offices at City Hall are at risk of collapse and warns them that if the firefighters shift any damage, the office will collapse and Shane, Chess and Lowry will be killed. As Finn breaks down, Bellucci promises his colleagues will find a way to save the three before time runs out. Meanwhile, on the other side, Vargas, Castillo and Abby tries to comfort Shane, Chess and Lowry over the situation before then Lowry suffers a seizure due to a head injury. As Shane and Chess stay with him, Vargas warns them that Lowry doesn't get medical attention so, he won't survive. However, Castillo and Abby argue with Vargas, explaining that Shane and Chess are not trained doctors and trying to treat him themselves might do more harm than good, but Vargas tells them to trusted her. At the hospital, Ramsay tries to comfort Boscorelli, who is blames himself over Everett's injuries. As Everett's wife Pamela arrives, Declan reveals Everett's test results; he has broken his right leg and damage his shoulder and hip, Everett could be in a wheelchair for some times because of his injuries but rules out paralysis. As he struggles to accept the news, Boscorelli spots the same man that he and Everett chase before earthquake in waiting room. The man sees the detective as well and bolts; Boscorelli chases after him to the street.

In City Hall, Forensic Specialist Kendra Hastings and Tech Analyst Jasper Baron join most of the MCS detectives, doctors and firefighters along with the LAPD Chief Tanner Stern and Director of Office of Emergency Management Kenneth Cooper. They explain that the city's storm drains are on the verge of being exposed if another earthquake or aftershock hits. As everybody argues over the situation, Henderson arrives and begs Vargas for her help. Henderson explains to Vargas that Angela disappeared from her facility after the earthquake. Henderson left worried about her youngest daughter, but Vargas promise her mother that they will find Angela. Meanwhile, after a long chase, Boscorelli confronts the man, Leonard Carlyle, blaming him for Everett's injuries. Leonard apologizes to Boscorelli and then begs him for his help to find his family, explaining the truth about his breakdown at the airport. Boscorelli agrees to help out Leonard and then drives off with Leonard. Then, a bloodied and confused Angela wonders in the streets, knocking on every door, trying to find help, but is completely ignored.

As Shane operates on Lowry's stomach using a first aid kit, and some extra equipment and medicine and Abby giving instructions, Castillo attempts to call Percy, but gets no answer. Shane and Chess discover the cause of Lowry's stomach pain; his intestine is blocked in the stomach and then after looking up at her files, Abby discover that Lowry has got chronic mesenteric ischemia; a condition in which plaque builds up in the major arteries — including the celiac and superior mesenteric arteries — that supply blood to the small intestine or small bowel. As Shane was about to cut Lowry's intestines, she suffers a panic attack when she sees "Gordon" in her mind. "Gordon" attempts to wind Shane up about the night when he raped her, but Shane snaps back and hold a broken glass in "Gordon's" throat. Chess talks Shane down from hurting Lowry, reminding her that Gordon is in prison and cannot hurt anyone, and promising that she and Jonathan are safe. Chess helps Shane out by removing the intestine from his Lowry's stomach, flushing the plaque out, stitiching him up and then giving him a powdered fiber medicine mixed with water to drink. Seconds later, Lowry responds to his treatment as Chess persuades Shane to not let the past haunt her forever and move forwards to the future. Shane breaks down and hugs Chess before saying thank you for stopping her from doing anything stupid.

Meanwhile, Max arrives at City Hall to help out, but Hartman tells him that she is fine and has her squad with her. However, Delgado and Ramsay tells Hartman that Vargas and Boscorelli have disappeared, causing Hartman to worry about them and the storm drains. As they look for Angela, Henderson confront Vargas about her feelings for Gordon and Angela. Vargas reveals that she could sense Gordon's true colors when he first came into their life, even before he first raped her, but she ignore her own feelings to protect her mother, noting how happy he had made her. Vargas admits that she dreams Angela as her own daughter, not her sister because of her father and that was why she aborted her second pregnancy and was glad to have miscarried the first. Vargas apologizes to her mother for "ruining her marriage" but Henderson telling her that Gordon ruined her marriage, not her and reminds that she is already like a mother to her sister.

The next morning, people remain in lockdown as emergency services are being on the watch but Hartman attempts to track down Vargas, Henderson and Boscorelli. In Hartman's house, Nancy comforts Taylor who has a panic attack in his sleep before calming him down. Nancy and Taylor share a moment before kissing each other passionately. Seconds later, Nancy and Taylor push each away as Marlene and Hannah arrive into the bedroom and help Taylor out. Meanwhile, after a long search throughout the night, Boscorelli and Leonard arrive in forest and finds the cabin torn apart by the quake with the sound of Leonard's wife Cheryl and their children calling for help. As Boscorelli and Leonard attempt to save them, Cheryl warns them that the boilers in the cabin could possibly explode as the smoke comes around the house. In the hospital, Frank visits Beth by Levi's bedside, with Declan and Abby's children. Frank comforts Beth about parenthood, promising her that she will be the best mother. Then, Hartman arrives at the hospital, looking for Vargas and Boscorelli. Beth and Declan deny of seeing either of them, but Frank tells Hartman that he previously saw Vargas driving into the forest with Henderson. 

In the office, Shane, Chess and Lowry bond over their personal lives. Lowry worries about Percy and his children which Shane promise to Lowry that he will get his family back. Then, Chess and Shane see a couple of firefighters carry some heavy equipment into the building. Bellucci arrives outside of the office and reveals that he and his team have a plan to get them out, but warns them the risks. He asks Shane to turn on the radio which she does. Then, Shane breaks down when she hears her favorite song which Johnathan choose it as a request - "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" by Bonnie Tyler, throughout the city of Los Angeles. Vargas and Henderson arrive in the forest, and goes their separate way to find Angela while Boscorelli and Leonard rescue Cheryl and the older daughter, Katie but the couple's other children, Will and Stacy are still in the cabin. Boscorelli rushes back inside to find Will and Stacy as Leonard comforts his wife and daughter.

As utility workers attempt to stop storm drains from collapsing, Max notifies Hartman about the situation. As she drives to the forest, Hartman sees smoke coming out before tells Max to warns everybody about a fire in forest that could risk an another earthquake or aftershock. Then, Henderson steps out of Hartman's car, giving Hartman the signal and begging for her help while Vargas finally find Angela near the hills. As Vargas comfort her sister, Angela calls her "Mummy" before Vargas clears the confession. Then, Angela admits she did wishes Vargas as her mother because she always come to save the day and then breaks down in tears as Vargas hugs her so tightly. Meanwhile, Max interrupt the government's message on national television, reveals the situation in the forest and warning of an another earthquake or aftershock if the fire explodes. After hearing the news, Stern, Cooper and Bellucci alert their men over the situation as firefighters rushes to rescue Shane, Chess and Lowry and futility workers work on storm drains quickly.

In the cabin, Boscorelli finds Will and Stacy in their bedroom but Will is trapped with a wardrobes top on him. Stacy cries for her brother, but Boscorelli promise her that he will get him out. Boscorelli slowly helps Stacy escape throughout the window with Leonard's help and attempts to rescue Will. Hartman and Henderson arrive on the scene of the burning cabin and rush to help out, but Leonard warns them about the cabin threatens to explode anytime. Hartman goes into the cabin to help Boscorelli, while Henderson tries to find her daughters.

Meanwhile, firefighters finally get into through the D.A.'s office before paramedics arrive into the scene and treating Lowry while firefighters attempts to hold the damage before it collapsed. Bellucci tells Shane and Chess that only Lowry will be able to fit through the hole and it's best for him due to his declining condition. Other firefighters break a nearby window on a long ladder. Shane and Chess climb out through the window, while paramedics get Lowry on a backboard and slowly move him through the hole to safety.

Henderson finally finds her daughters while Boscorelli and Hartman finally free Will from under the collapsed shelf. The three quickly escape as the cabin explodes. As the storm drains start to cave in, paramedics manage to get Lowry out of the office before the aftershock rips it apart, while Shane and Chess safely jump onto airbags on the ground. Boscorelli and Hartman comfort Leonard and his family. Then, they all runs from the collapse with lava leaking out from the ground while alerting Henderson, Vargas and Angela. After meeting up where their cars are, they all drive off with their passengers (Boscorelli, Leonard and his family in Hartman's car and Henderson and Angela in Vargas' car). Two Helitack helicopters arrive into the scene, extinguishing the fire and lava with several huge drops of water as Hartman and Vargas drive to a safety area.

Hartman, Boscorelli, Henderson and Vargas arrive at the hospital and reunite with their loved ones while Leonard, his family and Angela get checked over. Then, Dekker arrive at the hospital, along with Percy who runs to his husband's side as paramedics carry Lowry out of the ambulance. Percy promises to Lowry that they will fix things as Lowry breaks down, telling Percy that he loves him. Hartman and Vargas comfort Shane and Chess who praise each other over their heroic actions before Barrera arrives at the hospital with Jonathan (now played by Octavian Kaul). Shane shares a moment with her son as Hartman, Vargas, Barrera and Chess look on.

Two weeks later, Angelinos from all over the city arrive at a cathedral church to mourn the victims of the earthquake. Hartman delivers a powerful speech as people watch on and her colleagues comfort their loved ones. As she breaks down near her speech, Hartman reveals that she is proud to be a cop, mother and hero. Everybody stands up and applauds Hartman as her family and colleagues congratulate and comfort her.

At the end, Bellucci and his colleagues place U.S. flags on some of the major Los Angeles landmarks while the people of Los Angeles went to the beach, where a boy releases a red balloon up into the sky...


Main cast


Recurring Cast

Special Guest Star

  • Beau Garrett as Senior Detective Beth Greico
  • Genna Davis as Former District Attorney Ellis Henderson
  • Sylvester Stallone as LAFD Chief Robert Bellucci

Guest Cast

  • Anthony Edwards as Leonard Carlyle
  • Terry Kinney as LAPD Chief Tanner Stern
  • Carl Lumbly as Director of Office of Emergency Management Kenneth Cooper
  • ?? as Pamela Harris-Everett
  • ?? as Cheryl Carlyle
  • ?? as Katie Carlyle
  • ?? as Will Carlyle
  • ?? as Stacy Carlyle


  • Chloe Hartman: Excuse me, Chief Bellucci.
  • Fire Chief Robert Bellucci: Yes?
  • Chloe Hartman: I'm Captain...
  • Fire Chief Robert Bellucci: Yes, I remember you, Captain Hartman. We met five years ago along with your predecessor Captain Paul Thorne. We did a hypothetical about fires on your police station.
  • Chloe Hartman: Yes, I remember you too. This is D.A.A. Jonah Dekker and Officer Joel Finn.
  • Jonah Dekker: Chief.
  • Fire Chief Robert Bellucci: How I can help you?
  • Chloe Hartman: What can you tell about us about the situation with D.A. Gideon Chess, Morgan Shane and Richie Lowey?
  • Fire Chief Robert Bellucci: I wish I can tell you that we can get them out soon. But the situation with them is very bad. The D.A. Office in City Hall is at risk of collapse, the shaft is unstable. We know that around six or more people were killed on that floor. D.A. Chess, Ms. Shane and Investigator Lowry are the only ones left on that floor.
  • Jonah Dekker: So...what are you're saying about their chance of survival?
  • Fire Chief Robert Bellucci: It's probably going to take hours for my firefighters to get to them. Every door in there is blocked by the rumble, the windows are sealed off and the elevator shaft is unusable. If my firefighters shift any damage to it, the entire floor will collapse down on them like tumbling tower block game and Chess, Shane and Lowry will be killed with their bodies buried in the rumble for at least a month.
  • Officer Joel Finn (upset): Dammit. Ms. Shane is my girlfriend. Her son Jonathan is someone out there with his grandparents. What would we tell him if his mother... (his voice trailed off)
  • Fire Chief Robert Bellucci: Alright, take it easy. The firefighters will save them before time runs out...somehow.
  • Officer Joel Finn: Do you think Richie Lowry has that long? He's badly hurt and he doesn't have that long...
  • Jonah Dekker: Alright, calm down! They're still alive. That's what matters.
  • Chloe Hartman: He's right, Finn. Those men are trained to deal with situations like this. Let them do their work to save Morgan, Richie and Mr. Chess. Okay?

  • Ellis Henderson (to Ariel Vargas): Can I ask you a question?
  • Ariel Vargas: What?
  • Ellis Henderson: Tell me about you, Gordon and Angela.
  • Ariel Vargas: What are you talking about?
  • Ellis Henderson: I want to know something. You didn't like Gordon when he come into their life. You knew which kind of man who Gordon are but you didn't tell me at first.
  • Ariel Vargas: I knew something fishy about Gordon but I ignored it because he made you happy at first. The reason I was abused for long time until other girls, I was his key to keep his marriage alive before I wrecked his little world. A year before it happened, he promise me that he will give me a sibling and then Angela come into our life. He says I need a sibling to look out. I just say yes.
  • Ellis Henderson: Did you ever dream Angela as your own daughter?
  • Ariel Vargas: Yes, but I didn't know why? She just look like his dad, I made me close to her dad. I don't know why? Just...
  • Ariel Vargas (sobbing): I didn't want Gordon's child, I want Angela. I do admit that I had a lucky escape when I stuffed a miscarriage. I only want to keep Angela close and she was a reason that I aborted my second pregnancy. Gordon never knew about my second pregnancy, only my first pregnancy.

(both were silent for a moment)

  • Ariel Vargas: I am sorry that I ruined your marriage.
  • Ellis Henderson: You didn't ruined my marriage.
  • Ariel Vargas: I did. Everything was on me. I exposed the truth to save myself from Gordon every day. I had to do it.
  • Ellis Henderson: Only person who wrecked my marriage was Gordon. Only Gordon, not you, not anybody else. And also you are already a mother to your own sister.
  • Ariel Vargas: Really?
  • Ellis Henderson: Yeah, you always handle things when I am under pressure with Angela, but you never give up on her.
  • Ariel Vargas (smile): I know. I just want her safe.
  • Ellis Henderson: We will find her, I promise you.


Dick Wolf and the show's producers admits that there wasn't any plan to more 60 minutes specials. However, received generally positive reviews from critics over The First Case (Law & Order: New Orleans) and I Do (Hartman), described the episodes as genius and compared the minutes as Games of Thornes, some fans even begging Dick Wolf for more 60 minutes special in his show.

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