5/6 Fighters is a fighting game starring grade 5/6 kids from your average primary school. It is said to be released in 2012.


Fen, Jacko, Con, Spen, BJ, Loki, Anom, An, Zave.

Fen, Jacko and Loki are the only P1 playable characters.


Grassy Oval, Basketball Court, Training Court, The Garden.


Player 1 chooses a character (either Fen, Jacko or Loki) and presses start. They are put up against another fighter, controlled by Player 2. Player 1 presses "Shift" to punch, "A" to move left and "D" to move right. Player 2 presses "Space" to punch, "Left" to move left and "Right" to move right. Each player has a special move, which can be used by inputing certain buttons. Fen and Jacko throw fire balls, Loki does a massive hard punch and Con headbutts, for example. After defeating all the fighters, Player 1 faces the final boss, Jaeku. After defeating Jaeku, certain things can happen. If completed the game as Loki, it is revealed that the Tornement was formed by himself instead of Jaeku. If completed as Jacko, he start to say something about Jaeku, but gets hit by a Feneon fireball. If completed as Fen, you verse a secret final boss know as Jae.

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