4 Years At Shatham Hall is British metal band Angella's double-disc fifth album, released on September 13, 2009. It was their first to not be produced by Jacob Vindic sinces their debut Mourn For Me, but the album was still produced through Vindictive Records with UK division producer Scott Fields, also the co-manager of Vindictive Records. One disc features songs with a more light-hearted nature, whereas disc two is more serious.


The album received mixed reviews. Metalix was generally unimpressed, saying "Bleed was an introduction into Angella's witty side, I Hate What I Have Become was a continuation into that, but it's beginning to bore with 4 Years At Shatham Hall. It's all just the chronologies of the fictional Shatham Hall student, which begins to bore after the second or third song. Fortunately they equal out the silliness with the seriousness, but it may not be enough to save Angella".

Kratosean, a British metal magazine, was as equally unimpressed: "Angella's potty mouth song titles are something you see with Bring Me The Horizon, which is making you relate Angella to BMTH unintentionally, similarly with Trivium's "The Crusade" sounded very James Hetfield-esque, "4 Years At Shatham Hall" is almost too witty, and looses that raw fury that metal should have"

However Rising Metal was more positive, stating "Angella's witty side never grows old, and the songs' titles are worth a laugh, and the lyrics almost always have nothing to do with it. Angella have created a memorable fifth album".

Track listing

Disc 1: All Fun and Games, With A Little Bit of Murder Thrown In

  1. "And I Thought School Was Bad" - 3:00
  2. "Remember Me By Writing My Name On All The Private Properties" - 4:33
  3. "Kill Sarah, We Won't Get In Trouble" - 5:00
  4. "We're The Kids That Stand Behind The Back of Class and Smoke, Throw Sh*t and Swear At The Teacher" - 5:00
  5. "Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out (Only Kidding)" - 6:00
  6. "10 Laws of Shatham Hall" - 4:55
  7. "Hey Cassandra, Come Over Here and Get On Your Knees (No, Not For That)" - 4:00

Disc 2: Jokes Aside, Seriously

  1. "Trinity V: Anniversary Written In Blood" - 5:00
  2. "Massacre In English Class" - 5:00
  3. "Mindlapse" - 6:00
  4. "Breakdown Before" - 5:32
  5. "Breathe Before You Dive Beneath The Hellish Pit" - 4:22
  6. "Carnivorous" - 4:55
  7. "Maneating Girls" - 4:55
  8. "Goodbye, Shatham Hall (Again)" - 6:00
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