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45 Cats is The 2002 Direct to Video Sequel to 44 Cats.


A dog named Terry, who wants to be a cat moves into town and makes friends with Pilou, and Milady starts to dispise her. But when a new villain named Dr. Kitpup hates seeing cats and dogs get along.

Voice Cast

  • Matthew Broderick as Lampo
    • Cam Clarke as Lampo’s Singing Voice (uncredited)
  • Julia Roberts as Milady
  • [Anndi McAfee]] as Pilou (replacing Juliette Brewer)
  • Charles Fleischer as Meatball
  • Andy Dick as Terry
  • Nathan Lane as Mike Blundell
  • Robert DeNiro as Dr. Kitpup
  • Sean Connery as Junder
  • Steve Martin as Fancy Dancy
  • Cree Summer as Lola
  • Danny Mann as Jose and Igor
  • Martin Short as Cosmo
  • Grey DeLisle as Piperita
  • Rob Paulsen as Gas
  • Gail Matthius as Gaby
  • John Kassir as Neko


  1. Oi Yoi Yoi - The Buffycats
  2. Puppy Kitten - The Buffycats and Terry
  3. Smallest - Terry and Pilou
  4. I Hate Cats and Dogs - Dr. Kitpup
  5. Just Give Him a Chance - Piperita, Lampo, and Gas
  6. I’m Sorry - Milady
  7. Meow Musical - The Buffycats, Terry, and The Entire Cast
  8. Buffycat Rhapsody (End Credits) - The Buffycats and Terry


  • Kitpup is the replacement of Urusla from the first film and Boss from The TV Series.