44 Cats was A Song from The 1995 Film of the Same Name. It was also the theme song for 44 Cats (1996 Series).


Lampo: Down in the Celler, of an old mansion, Cats without owners and their companions, meet up to deal with their situations, and find a good cause for celebration!

All: All 44 cats, 7 rows of 6 to the rear, together they align, 7 rows of 6 to the rear, their tails are all aligned in rows of 6 to the rear, their tails are all intwined 7 rows of 6 to the rear! 6x7 is 42, plus 2 is 44!

Milady: An Old Lady found Us on the streets, and took them to their grandson’s house, where we were fed dozens of noodles!

Meatball: And were allowed to sleep in the garage!

(Repeat Chorus)

Pilou: Our Pesky Nextdoor Neighbor named Urusla, She got punished for her hatred on us, when she was gone, our problems were over, and every single cat had an owner.

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

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