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44 Cats (2019)

44 Cats is a 2019 Italian live-action/animated film, produced by Davidovich Films, Matthew Mouse Productions and Joe Brian Productions and distributed by Pentagon Pictures.


4 Homeless Cats named Lampo, Milady, Pilou, and Meatball get taken in by Granny Pina. They later form a band called The Buffycats in Granny Pina's Garage.


  • Lampo: An Orange Cat with Blue Stripes who is the leader and main singer. His catchphrase is “There’s the Good Stuff!”. His name is changed a lot in international versions of the movie.
  • Milady: A Purple Cat who is the buffycats’ bassist. her Catchphrase is “Liars aren’t my friends”.
  • Pilou: A Tan Cat with Maroon Spots who is the youngest of the buffycats, but only a year younger than Meatball.
  • Meatball: An Orange Cat with Slightly darker orange stripes. He is the fat member of the group. Like Lampo, His name is changed in various international versions of the film.
  • Boss: A red-orange Cat with dark red stripes. Boss Hates The Buffycats. Boss is always trying to cause trouble. He has two helpers named Blister and Scar.
  • Terry A peach colored dog with some other dark spots. Terry wants to be a cat. He is made the Buffycats teach him how to be a cat. But Terry is still a dog.
  • Fancy Dancy: A Grey Cat with Red Accents Who is the leader of the Boom-Boom Steppers.
  • Lola: A Pink Cat dressed like a Princess and the Only Female Boom-Boom Stepper. Lola has a baby named Hop
  • Jose: A Dark Blue Cat Who is the tallest Boom-Boom Stepper who says the least out of the group.
  • Cosmo: A Brown Cat who is dressed like an astronaut. He wished to go to the moon and mars.
  • Winston: Boss’s Owner Who Hates Having The Buffycats and Granny Pina as next door neighbors.
  • Granny Pina: The owner of the Buffycats. She has a secret family recipe of noodles. witch gives anyone who eats them extreme amounts of energy. Granny Pina's noodles also keep her immortal.
  • Igor: A Gray-Tan cat whom is very strong
  • Piperita: A Cat that looks like a Cheetah who is a chef. Her owner which is a chef taught her how to cook. Piperita now feeds cats that come to her small cat restaurant which is also right next to her owner's restaurant
  • Gas: A Brownish-Orange Cat with green fumes coming out of him. He is the smelliest of all the cats in his city.
  • Gaby: A Light Brown Reporter Cat with a brown under belly who always has a camera with her.
  • Neko: A Tan Cat with extreme luck.

Voice Cast:

  • Matthew Broderick as Lampo
    • Cam Clarke as Lampo’s Singing Voice (uncredited)
  • Julia Roberts as Milady
  • Juliette Brewer as Pilou
    • Anndi McAfee as Pilou’s Singing Voice (uncredited)
  • Charles Fleischer as Meatball
  • Nathan Lane as Mike Blundell
  • Uma Thurman as Boss
  • Sean Connery as Terry
  • Steve Martin as Fancy Dancy
  • Cree Summer as Lola
  • Danny Mann as Jose and Igor
  • Martin Short as Cosmo
  • Mary Kay Bergman as Piperita
  • Will Ferrell as Winston
  • June Foray as Granny Pina
  • Rob Paulsen as Gas
  • Gail Matthius as Gaby
  • John Kassir as Neko
  • Michael Bell as The Catcatcher


  1. The Evil Weevil Kitten - The Buffycats
  2. Noodles - The Buffycats
  3. What I Really Hate - Urusla
  4. All Around the Town - The Boom-Boom Steppers
  5. A Tasty Paella - Piperita
  6. Steady and Stealth - Meatball and Pilou
  7. Going Home - The Buffycats
  8. 44 Cats - The Buffycats
  9. 44 Cats Starts with 1 (End Credits) - Chorus

Sequel and TV Series

One year after the movie, a TV Show Came Out. This time, Cam Clarke and Anndi McAfee were the full fledged voice for Lampo and Pilou, Meg Ryan replaced Julia Roberts as Milady, and Charles Fleisher reprised his role as Meatball.

In the Direct to DVD Sequel from 2002, Cam Clarke takes over as the full-fledged voice for Lampo, due to not affording Matthew Broderick. And Milady and Pilou’s Voiced are completely replaced, Milady being Voiced by Newcomer Suzy Myers, and Pilou being Voiced by Kath Soucie replacing Anndi McAfee from Film 1’s Singing Voice and The TV Series. but Charles Fleisher, Cree Summer, Martin Short, Danny Mann, Gail Matthius, Rob Paulsen, and John Kassir were there for the whole franchise, and Mary Kay Bergman was replaced by Grey DeLisle for Piperita.

Live Action Film

In December 2019, A Live Action 44 Cats Remake will release. With the voices of Donald Glover as Lampo, Rachel Bloom as Milady, Kelly Clarkson as Pilou, Michael Cera as Meatball, Chloe Bennet as Urusla, Michael Pena as Junder, Will Sasso as Fancy Dancy, Cree Summer reprised her Role as Lola, Will Forte as Jose, Martin Short reprising his role as Cosmo, Craig Freguson as Igor, Kristen Wiig as Piperita, Sarah Paulson as Gaby, Rob Paulsen reprises his role as Gas, and Kristen Wiig as Neko. And the Live Action portrayers being a Jay Baruchel as Mike Blundell, Will Ferrell as Winston, Alfre Woodard as Granny Pina, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Piperita’s Owner (Alfredo) who wasn’t in the first film, and Gerard Butler as The Catcatcher.

The 44 Cats


  • Pilou is the youngest cat in the Buffycats band
  • Each Buffycats has some supper ability. For instance Meatball can sense when the Buffycats are in danger.


There was an old 1967 music video, about 4 cats, they were “Lampo, Viola, Carina, and Polpetta”. It was sent to Pentagon Pictures and they thought it would be a cute new movie.